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Pictures of Your *Budget-Fi* Portable Rig (< $200)

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by trolldragon, Feb 13, 2013.
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  1. TrollDragon
    Greetings & Salutations!
    As much as I like drooling over the Amazing Rigs in the regular thread, it sometimes just get a little too overwhelming...
    There needs to be a place for us average "Joe's" to post pictures of the Budget-Fi gear that we love and use every day.
    You know, those of us who don't walk around with $500 and more worth of gear.
    So here is the place with a just a couple of rules:
    1. All portable rigs posted here should have a TOTAL price of less than $200 that anyone can buy for the same price anytime. (Amazon, eBay etc...)
    1a. If you picked it up from some guy on the corner for $50 but you KNOW it's currently worth $500 then it does not belong in this thread the Used-Fi thread also linked below is the place to post your great deals!
    2. Pictures, Pictures, Pictures...
    3. Duct Tape, Hot Glue and the Cable you made from Zip cord is more than welcome here. :)
    The Mid-Fi Thread is right here... $200-$600 Total
    The Used-Fi Thread is right here... Anything Goes
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  2. TrollDragon
    I'll start it up...
    The Amazing PortaPro's and my 2nd Gen Nano.
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  3. Achmedisdead
    My kind of thread! [​IMG]
    Here's one....Rockboxed Sansa e280, FiiO E6, JVC HA-S500
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  4. liquidzoo
    If you're looking for sub-$500 rigs you may exclude a bunch of phone and iPod rigs, but I get what you're saying and I approve.
    I'll post mine later, when I get to a camera that isn't part of my phone.
  5. H20Fidelity Contributor
    Creative MuVo V100 2GB + SoundMAGIC E10 + Britney Spears - In The Zone CD. :regular_smile :

  6. Achmedisdead
    One of my earlier rigs....
    (and now I see H20's true musical taste above....[​IMG])
  7. TrollDragon
    With Crown Royal all is possible...
    Is that a pair of Sony MDR-V150's I see on the floor, the ones with the nasty rubber cord like these ones? [​IMG]
    At least H20 didn't put a Bieber CD with it... [​IMG]
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  8. Achmedisdead
    Yes, those were the V150s. They were the upgrade from the Sansa earbuds, and then those KSC75s were the next step up.
    Good point there on the lack of Bieber.....at least Britney is (or was) hot....lol. [​IMG]
  9. skamp
    Sansa Clip+ & Shure SE425

  10. Achmedisdead
    Rockboxed Clip Zip and Audio Technica ATH-FC700
    Another former rig....Creative Zen Mozaic and Sennheiser PX100
    More old stuff.....my first two DAPs....blue 4GB Fuze w/8GB card, and red Clip 2GB, with Sennheiser HD201
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  11. tattoohooligan


    iPod Touch 5th gen double-sided taped to a Fiio e11 connected by a Fiio LOD. Fits in the front pocket of my jeans - My rig rocks hard. :)
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  12. streetdragon
    Steampunk Modded Alessandro MS1i + Hippo Box amp + Hippo Biscuit player

    that pesky straight to L cable connector makes things very difficult in my pocket, not to mention my massive cable winder [​IMG](not in picture)
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  13. Capo Novelas
    i finally rockboxed this thing and boy am i glad i did..
    i can't even look at my classic the same anymore.
  14. TrollDragon
    Nano 3rd to E17 to HFI-780's
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  15. Achmedisdead
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