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Audio-Technica ATH-FC700A for $25 again (was 25 then 34)

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by gnub, Nov 4, 2010.
  1. GnuB
    Don't know whether this is a real deal or not but I picked up a pair just for grins.
    EDIT:  Oops! they changed the price to $33.24 on Buy.Com,  it was $24.99 w/ free shipping.  Amazon is/was the same price and both were sourcing it through Electronics Expo.  I wouldn't be surprised if Amazon changes its price upward also.
    EDIT: Buy.Com can't make up their mind.  It is back at $24.99.  Who knows what it will be tomorrow.
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  2. ClassicThunder
  3. GnuB

    OK. It has changed.  They added a shipping charge.  When I ordered it the price was $24.95 w/ free shipping.  It was sourced through Electronics Expo.  Their site and Buy.com now agree.  
  4. classakg
    I would be interested on knowing more about them. Let us know how they sound! (impressions)
  5. TheGame21x
    Looks like a nice pair of knock around phones. I may get a pair just for kicks.
  6. GnuB

    OK, I will.  But in the meantime you can read another Head-Fi'ers opinion here
  7. classakg


    Oh, well....thanks for the link! I haven't had a chance to use a pair of them yet, just wanted to know more. 
  8. FauxReal
    I just ordered them from buy.com for $24.99, free shipping.
  9. ThumperSD
    Are these good for casual listening? I mainly use my studio monitors for music but need something to thump my music to at night for cheap. Should I grab this? Or am I better off with something like the Sennheiser HD212?
    I listen to bass heavy music. I dont care if it is closed or open back, just looking for the BEST sound quality available for under $50
  10. GnuB
    I haven't received them yet (haven't received a shipping confirmation either) but you can read another Head-Fi'ers opinion here

  11. TheGame21x
    I ordered a pair. Here's hoping they're good!
  12. priest Contributor
    ^ Oh, they're good. For $25, they're stupendous.

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