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fake ATH-FC700?

  1. julioforo
    I'm thinking of buying this:
    This is the conversation with the seller:

    You know that ebay is full of fakes of this
    I'm form spain and I want to know if are you sure
    that your headphones are true and original...
    Many thanks!

    Hi there, many customer they ask me same question before they purchase , and finally they decided to buy in my store [​IMG] I Guarantee I sell genuine product only, even the AKG K450 is expensive, but many people purchase in my store , you can see the sell record and my feedback [​IMG]

    like this one: "I bought AKG K 450 and it was orginal. Fast shipping also. Two thumbs up !" From Buyer:potato7874 ( Feedback Score Of 6 )

    Again, I sell genuine earphone only .thanks

    Are you sure that your product is exactly the same than the
    product that i can buy here in spain?
    Is not oem?
    I'm a DJ and i will know if this headphones are a fake or

    cool, you are DJ so you will know it's orgional or fake [​IMG] I don't need to explain more. I got the item directly from factory's stock .thanks
    What do you think???
  2. julioforo
    Come on!
    I need an expert opinion!
  3. Kartellen
    "Item location:GUANGDONG, China" That would've had me worried at least. Try going through his feedback, I think that if he has sold fake stuff in the past, he's likely to do it again.
  4. lie495fc
    why buy from ebay for $40 when you can buy them here online for the same price.
  5. julioforo
    Because I'm from Spain, and the price here is 75 USD...
  6. julioforo
    And the seller has only 5 or 6 negative feedbacks of fakes... 
    And has 4500 stars...
  7. julioforo
    I just buy the item...
    In two weeks I'll tell you if they are a fake or not
  8. julioforo
  9. snapple10
    amazon also has  it for $34.75, will go with them ,  you can always return within 30days, if it is fake.
    I am new to the site but really excited about all the resources.
  10. aleki


    I bet you over 95% of the buyers are content because of the price and dont have the originals to compare them to. Since you are speculating wether they're real or not, you'll be one of the 5% that realizes the difference, and part of the 1% which reports the guy [​IMG]
    trust the negative feedback, theyre most likely right!
    PS: hello head-fi! I gave in after being a long-time lurker [​IMG]
  11. Maxx134
    I bought mine from amazon.
    I dunno if the Ebay seller item is fake, but I can point out the differences.
    The earpads are not as wrinkled on mine.
    The box is same, but does not have same model number.
    My model number is the same one on the company site, and the JandR site and the Amazon site:
    Everything else looks Ok in pics.
    Looks to me like those are first version units, because missing that letter "A"
    Should be easy to tell if fake, because real ones are very much apparent in midrange/treble clarity.
    Cheap cans usually sound dull.
    My unit packaging says on back that it was made in Taiwan.
    Look to see if on left inside band has a small recycling sticker.
    My warrantee paper  was a full, "letter sized", double sided sheet.
  12. julioforo
    I just receive the HF...
    It seems they are original.
    They sound very good...
    Any expert that gives me an advice to check for sure if they are good or not? :p
  13. julioforo
    Mines have too
    My unit packaging says on back that it was made in Taiwan.


    Look to see if on left inside band has a small recycling sticker.


    like Maxx134 said...


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