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Audio Technica ATH-FC700A??

  1. kidgfoo
    I'm about to get a new mp3 player. I was wondering if i should get these portables, but after some searches, there is not much to say. I was wondering id anyone has them and what they think about them. Or I'd like to know if is should skip them and so for the ES7. If so, where can i get some, cant find em anywhere.
    I listen to some techno and dubstep, rock, and a little bit of hip-hop.
  2. buffalowings
    the ES7 is probably your better bet, when i was in taiwan this summer, I went to a mega bookstore and they were selling audio technica phones, and i distinctly remember trying out the phones with the really thin wire like headband and FC700a's (not sure, because everything there was branded differently than in the states) either way, I'm almost certain they were FC700a's because of the design but IMO, both sounded really muddy compared to my M50's, in other words, they had no chance
  3. priest Contributor
    I have the ATH-FC700A and love them. The review on HeadRoom will say why better than I ever could. I also had the ATH-ES7 and sold them before too long, mainly on comfort issues, but I did not consider the sound much better than the ATH-FC700A. I would say the latter are my favorite inexpensive portables. I don't find them muddy at all.
  4. Maxx134
    I recently bought these Audio Technica ATH-FC700A.
    Very open, very very detailed, realistic, bright and lean mids with deep low end.
    very flat mid to highs. very clear midrange.
    for headphones they sound very large, but the bass is strange, especially in break-in period.
    there was more subsonic feeling sound, which went away as the driver gained more control.
    It goes very low, but at same time sounds lacking in overall bass region around 90hz.
    This is because alot of other headphones of this type have an increased colored bass, but this one does not.. It is very flat.
    I boost my portable's EQ only 3db in 90Hhz region to get that thickness I am used to.
    Break in period gave even more midrange detail and tighter-controlled bass, instead of more bass.
    I would rather have a bassy-er headphones, but cannot go back to duller sounding cans after hearing these.
    After a year and compared to my SonyV6 and Klipsh one, I am dissatisfied as they are still too lean and bright and while bass is there it is thinly in backgraound and not as punchy as it should be for a closed can with 40mm drivers :frowning2:
    osted more comments here:
    I had  both black and white versions from Amazon.
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