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Audio Technica ATH-FC700 - foldable...with soundstage!

  1. leokennis
    Just a quick note. I've been listening to my latest purchase for a week now. The Audio Technica ATH-FC700:


    Yes, it's that sexy, but what Audio Technicas aren't [​IMG] ?

    But whatever. I have always been a very happy Sennheiser PX100 user. However, for my 'home setup', I used a Grado SR60. I had two complaints though:
    1. For portable use, the PX100 were very open
    2. For home use, the SR60's were too noisy for people around me

    I decided to go halfway. I wanted a headphone that would have some isolation for outside, but I was also gonna use it inside for 'proper listening'. Furthermore, it should be good to go unamped and not be too expensive.

    So I got the ATH-FC700. From eBay nonetheless. Since they are not the most popular or demanded phones, no fakes are circulating, luckily.

    The Sound:
    I must say I am very impressed by these phones! A very 'rounded' sound, slightly leaning towards the bass. To compare them to the PX100: mids are about the same, the ATH-FC700's high are a little more detailed, while the PX100's bass has a little more punch. Oveall the ATH-FC700 is much clearer though; in comparison the PX100 sounds like it's playing from behind a closed door. With the ATH-FC700 there is much less between you and the music [​IMG]

    This is all well and good, up untill this point, the ATH-FC700's are great, but not something to go crazy about. However, one thing really really surprised me about these headphones: they have great soundstage. Not something you'd expect from foldable, portable, isolating $60 phones. I'm serious, you've never been more happy your music is in stereo and more importantly, properly recorded and mixed. Some albums I loved on the PX100 now sound dull in comparison since all instruments are 'in the middle'.

    I head these on while biking and looked to the left to see if Miles Davis was really there, doing his solo.

    Then I peered into the distance, to discover the stage the White Stripes were playing on.

    But no, it's all happening inside this wondrous machine resting on your head.

    In short: I'm no audiophile, but I know good from bad sound. The ATH-FC700 are very decent sounding phones, for a very reasonable price and unlike most of it's competition, it grandly reproduces soundstage too. Try it if you can! [​IMG]
  2. seven vii
    Thanks for your impressions, there's hardly any talk about these. How well do they isolate?
  3. leokennis

    Originally Posted by seven vii /img/forum/go_quote.gif
    Thanks for your impressions, there's hardly any talk about these. How well do they isolate?

    They isolate somewhat. You won't hear soft conversation and light traffic.

    Of course isolation gets a lot better with louder volumes, but your ears wil get worse [​IMG]

    There is almost no sound leakage, if any at all BTW [​IMG]
  4. julioforo
  5. priest Contributor
    Thanks for the review. Nice to know I am not the only person on Head-Fi who loves these little guys!
  6. Napilopez
    I love these! I bought them for my sister for christmas and I think they are a great value.
  7. steporstop
    Hi head-fiers, this is my first post and am doing so because of my high regard for these phones.

    I have owned the ATH-FC700's for a few years now. It was a chance purchase and was initially disappointed after I received them. After a short time I discovered their signature and magic, they are a treasure. There is something special about these, I believe its the balance between the aspects of sound(someone somewhere got it right), regardless of standard it brings it all together and then can only be compared to other headphones of different qualities that also bring it all together(you will not be left wanting). They can get a little overwhelmed or distorted but all you have to do is find the sweet spot and your back. Input some quality and you'll be flying. I have mine paired with a Graham Slee Voyager headphone amp and a Moto G Android phone, I use spotify or a good music player app avoid stock app that comes with phone it can make a difference. I listen to a variety of music, Amy Winehouse, Ne Yo, oldies regaee everything sounds great.

    I can't really end this without mentioning the soundstage, it is truly the glue that holds it all together, it sometimes amazes me. If you get one I hope you get it set up so you can hear it like I do. It should also sound great straight from any decent music player as it is easy to drive.

    have fun
  8. steporstop
    Update: this is to my previous post I just bought a new pair as backup and it does not sound as good.

    Not as clear and generic sounding. I wonder if they have changed the formula. Or they're convincing looking fakes.

    I will give it some burn in time to see.
  9. steporstop
    Hi again,

    Yes the phones have changed a bit, but it possibly could be better in a different way.

    Well you can't really improve the way it was but what they've done I love. If you know this headphone it comes with a very short cord. This was how I always used it and had great soundstage. Now its more bass heavy with less detail. It sounds like standing in front of big speakers at a street dance party, its pretty cool especially when walking around the city.

    Here's the great part which I just discovered. It comes with an extension cord, when you attach this it mellows out the base and brings back in the midrange and soundstage. So sweet. The Ath fc700s are killer. I only paid £28.00.
  10. squareznboxez
    The FC range are a great under-rated cans, i bought a pair of FC707s while i was overseas, and i actually prefer these to the M50s, they have a very similar signature to the Shure in-ear 215 and 535s which both cost more than the FCs - they don't have the lingering bass re-verb that sometimes presents in the M50s
    Slight sparkle for vocals low reaching sub-bass presence, and comfortable to wear for extended periods - only fault i can attribute to them is the treble presents slightly dry for some genres but the sweet vocals and bass presence more than make up for it
    Great value cans, i'm glad i went with these over the m50s

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