1. Reticuli2

    Noise canceling headphones and using line-level, a jack, or a headphone amp.

    If noise canceling designs have a built-in amp, are they designed to be used with a headphone jack or can they be used with an adjustable line-level? I assume a dedicated amp is not needed, but are there any known impedance considerations with feeding one line-level? Is the performance better...
  2. mulimulix

    Headphones for music/gaming ~$75-85AUD

    I'm not sure if this is the right forum, but here goes:   I have about $80 to get new headphones. Last time, I chose looks over quality and got a Skullcandy and was greatly disappointed with the sound quality and they recently broke, less than a year after I bought them. I've been searching...
  3. truejoker

    replacing or not audio thecnica chk100?

    i need help , my audio technica chk100 lost sound on the left ear . i now considering to bay a new set, but i was wandering maby i could try somthing new in the past i had a klipsh image ' but the aoudio thcnica was a lot better on natural sound. i would like some sogestion from the members...
  4. KevinWolf

    Audio Technica CK100 Review

    I'm quite new to the hobby, having few experience with IEMs (owned 7 and heard a bit more than 10, most mid and low-fi), so maybe I can't provide the most detailed description, neither compare them to other top-tier IEMs. Forgive any grammar errors, I'm pretty poor at writing. Forgive my lack...
  5. starr54

    Power headphones with reciever?

    So i don't have money for a headphone amp, but was wondering if anyone knew if a stereo receiver could be used adequately as a source for headphones? There are actually several different ones around the house that i could use. My main receiver is a Sony ES receiver from the late 90s, but there...
  6. raul8

    Expert Advice: Which one is the best buy within $55

    Need some expert advice here.   Which headphone should be the best buy within a range of upto $55 (i.e. Rupees 2500/-) Can be either In-Ear or Over-Ear. I'm just looking for clear audio and noise isolation. Basically for watching movies, games and music(lots of music).   Brands...

    PWB Headphones.

    I stumbled across a pair the other day. They're electrostats and plug in to an amps speaker outs (via a transformer of sorts). I can't seem to find out much on them, other than they were made by (the somewhat controvertial) Mr. Peter W Belt. If anyones got some info or impressions for...
  8. wootboy

    hd600 advice

    hi everyone, i hope you dont mind me asking this, ill explain my situation.(i hope this is the correct section to post this)   i have an x fi elite pro and an ad700, i ordered some hd600 from a member of this forum and they just arrived today.   i CAN notice the difference of quality, i...
  9. Neku

    Audio technica in Melbourne.

    Hey guys, I was wondering if you guys knew any good places to buy audio technicas in melbourne Australia. I dont mean online, I want to actually go and buy it and places like JB and big retailers don't stock them. Any suggestions? Thanks.:)
  10. Bag3l

    Fake Audio Technica ATH-M50?

    Hello Head-Fi!   So, in absolute despiration, I've come to this forum to beg you all to help me solve my dilemma. Recently, I have been in search for a sturdy set of headphones because I am heading off to college soon. I listen to Electro and Club Music alot, so I wanted a headphone that...
  11. djviciouscycle

    Denon DN-HP1000

    Are these Denons based on some Audio-Technica design? They look a lot like AT's DJ and monitoring/studio headphones.
  12. metsat

    AKG K 701, Sennheiser HD650 or Beyerdynamic DT880?

    Hi everyone,   I currently own AKG 242 HD and Audio Technica M50 headphones but mostly use the 242 HD. I want to upgrade to a real high-end headphone and need help with my choice. I narrowed down my options to three headphones as the title of this thread states. Which one should I go for? I...
  13. WilhelmPrice

    Looking for budget IEM

    I'm looking for a budget in ear headphone, something that's priced similarly to Koss portapro or Philips SHE9550, the problem with most cheap IEM's is the emphasis on bass, sometimes they have too much bass that it overwhelms the other good stuff. SHE9550 was good but the reliability and the...
  14. Turbine Guy

    Advice on Klipsch Image S4 VS. Audio Technica CKP300

    Hey fellow Head-Fi-ans, today, i let my friend listen to my Klipsch Image S4, and he uses the Audio Technica ATH-CKP300. He said that the CKP300 wins the S4's hands down in terms sound quality. Is my friend tone-deaf or is there truth in what he said? Thanks, thanks, thanks so much.
  15. Quote

    Audio-Technica ATH-OR7

    Anyone in Europe/Japan managed to try them? They don't seem to be in the US yet, as basically every site with them is European or in Japanese. Here's the link to AT's shop: I'd really like to try these...
  16. synister

    Audio Technica Pro700MK2 & M50 picture comparison.

    Note that the M50's are a year old, and the Pro700MK2 are 2 days old. The M50 will always be pictured on the left, and the Pro700MK2 on the right. I didn't have my camera, so these are taken with an iPhone 4g. I'll write a comparison review in a few months.         The pro700mk2...
  17. nick n

    Audio Technica AT 705 Electrets NOS

    I think I just scored something very rare. Not that the phones themselves are that rare, ( actually I think they are getting so ) but an unused 38 year old pair,  still in the box and never fired up sure is.( according to auction ) That's what I just scored on a buy-it-now. For some reason it...
  18. kryten123

    Have your High End IEMs failed...or is just me?

    Hi all,   Over the last few years I have owned Shure SE530s and ACS T1s and have had them fail on me a number of times. The failure has been where the earphone goes very quiet over a day or so and then fails completely. Both IEMs have failed in the right ear multiple times with a very recent...
  19. toksik

    Audio Technica SJ55 information

    Hey,   I was looking through the forum and trying to find some information on the audio technica sj55, but the general amount of information wasn't a lot. So thus I was hoping someone could either point me to the right direction or give me some information. This is because I am currently...
  20. ButtUglyJeff

    Full size headphones direct from small players, are any a good option?

    I'm a noob so please be kind.  I've searched but with little luck for my question.   I like full size cans for comfort, but fear they need more then what my iPod Touch can send to a set.  I understand a headphone amp would help with that.  But to be honest, I would most often be too lazy to...
  21. Dangermouse2003

    Audio Technica First Impressions (Headphone Trial)

    Just stumbled across this while looking at M50s, seems very interesting. Looks to be UK only...
  22. cjdavis83

    Sennheiser CX95 Vs Audio Technica ATH-CM7SV/700TI ?

    Hi I recently bought an iPod touch (32gb) which has the great Wolfson codec but i guess im still after a decent pair of earbuds to go with it. I understand the pacakaged Apple earphones are not of premium quality and the bass is very distorted. What i am after is something of a more...
  23. Danthrax

    Audio Technica mod

    I had these sitting around so I opened them up and tried some mods.     Looks like a rat's nest, and look how thin that wire is... since I got these for $30 I;m not going to worry about that though. Compared to my Grado's these looks really really cheap.     I don't like felt...
  24. swlondon

    Audio-Technica ATH-CK500's, any reviews or opinions?

    Hi guys,   Does anyone know much about the AT CK500's? I cannot find any reviews of them at all online.   I was looking for an affordable set of earphones comparable to the Sennheiser CX300's which I have listened to music with and found to be perfectly good.   Also can anyone...
  25. BRSxIgnition

    Audio Technica ATH-BB500's.

    I've never heard of these, what type of use are they meant for? They're for use around the back of the head/neck, and retail for about $100. Anyone ever try them? How are they?