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Advice on Klipsch Image S4 VS. Audio Technica CKP300

  1. Turbine Guy
    Hey fellow Head-Fi-ans, today, i let my friend listen to my Klipsch Image S4, and he uses the Audio Technica ATH-CKP300. He said that the CKP300 wins the S4's hands down in terms sound quality. Is my friend tone-deaf or is there truth in what he said? Thanks, thanks, thanks so much.
  2. jant71
    If he can listen to your S4, why not listen to his CP300? Compare the two and see what you think. That is all that really matters.
    The AT is a $30 phone and shouldn't be so great but the Klipsch isn't really very good for it's original $79 price. Not very far fetched that the AT is better but I don't think very many have heard both so might as well take advantage since you should have the opportunity.

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