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Audio Technica ATH-ESW9A vs ATH-ES7 vs ATH-FC700A vs Sennheiser HD448 vs Sennheiser PX200II

  1. davidvanderbilt
    I am having trouble deciding which headphones to get. I had the M50's but i returned them due to their bulkiness and making my ears feel hot and uncomfortable after a short time. I wasnt amazed with their sound quality but I didn't have an amp. I am going to get an amp probably, but I was just wondering if any of these headphones would sound good without an amp? Do any of these need an amp to sound good? Whats everyones imput on any of these headphones? Any imput would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  2. Morph
    I had both ES7 and ESW9.

    ES7 are _really_ uncomfortable after some hours and their pleather pads can make ears sweat a lot. On the other hand these are the most fun sounding cans I ever had or heard.

    ESW9 on the other hand are much more comfortable and are a reasonable upgrade SQ-wise, less fun but much more engaging.

    I seriously doubt those Senns can match them at all. If you have enough cash - go for ESW9's, but remember about massive amount of fakes on the market.
  3. davidvanderbilt
    Awesome, thanks for the info. Do the ESW9's sound good without an amp? Say connected to an ipod? Or do you think they need an amp?
  4. Morph
    Really great without an amp, just a tiny bit better with one.
  5. Mochan
    I've only heard the es7 and esw9. Neither require an amp. bOth sound great but I prefer the esw9. Es7 is brighter while the esw9 is smoother all around. Since I tend toward dark and laidback I enjoyed the esw9 more.
  6. davidvanderbilt
    Awesome, thanks guys! Does anyone think the ATH-FC700A's even compare to the esw9 and es7?
  7. Maxx134
    I found this info from an old review :
    In 2008, manufacturer Audio-Technica replaced its ATH-FC7 model headphones with the ATH-FC700. This fresh model offers a newly developed 40mm Neodymium driver that decreases weight and maximizes sensitivity to extend portable music player battery life.
    ATH-FC700ARD Portable Headphones (DISCONTINUED)
    ATH-FC700APL Portable Headphones (DISCONTINUED)

    ATH-FC700A is current model.

    My impressions is very detailed sound, initial over-brightness turning more neutral and acceptable, but still brighter/harsher than most.
    Bass is deep and detailed,
    but still lean/flat and not prominent as most headphones.
    Bass heads will need to choose another headphone .
    Edit: after a few more comparisons with other headphones like  klipsh one and Sony V6, I find the 700 dissapointing as they too lean in bass and overall too bright and lean so I  got rid of them and going for the ATH - es7 next as I read they should be very good as long as I dont get a fake one :)

    So far my Sony V6 seems most realistic and balanced but also slightly bright.
    Just got the es7 and have to say they are simply superior to all my past headphpnes so far:
    The bass is similar but more satisfying than the Sony with more punch.
    The mids are much more detailed and alive.
    The highs are sweet without harshness.
    I feeling lucky I have them.

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