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portable mp3 headphones noisy enviroment

  1. massec
    I'm looking for a pair of headphones for use with my sansa clip mp3, to and from work on the bus and walking(I'm in the uk so they really shouldn't break at the first sight of rain), which can then be placed in my bag throughout the day. So it they should preferably have very little sound leakage and not break the first time I put them in my bag. I mainly listen to rock,indie and blues music. I prefer headphones over earphones as I generally find earphones uncomfortable. 
    I am currently looking at either the audio technica ath-fc700 or ath-es7 (both of the audio technica looked nicer/more comfortable, and the folding feature of the fc700 looked good though I'm not sure how durable they are) as well as the sennheiser PXC150. The ath-es7 is really at the very very top of my price range(£80 max).
  2. TheWuss
    i think the sennheiser hd25-1-II is the best headphone for your purposes, if you can save up enough for it.
    built like a tank.  every part is replacable.  the cable is removable.  best isolation of almost any headphone out there.
    and pretty darn good sound.
    maybe you can find a used one in the for sale forum.
  3. fratey
    The K518DJ isolate quite well, leak almost no sound, and are slightly bassy. They seem very durable. They are also dirt cheap. Anything interesting?
  4. ZARIM
    Please describe your budget, preferences and these brand are pretty good for closed cans like Ultrasone, Phiaton, Shure, Sennheiser and Audio technica.....
  5. massec
    The seinheiser hd25-1-ii seem too expensive for me at the moment, for that money I would prefer to buy headphones for indoors/airplane travel, not everyday use.
    The k518dj seem good, I am concerned about whether they would comfortable on the ears, my journey into work is over an hour long so I don't want a pair of headphones which start to hurt after about half/three quarters of an hour of use. Could someone comment on this?
    A summary of the points I need:
    £80 max price
    Powered off a sansa clip mp3 player
    Sturdy enough to survive a day in my slightly cramped bag
    good isolation for use on a crowded bus/noisy enviroment
    NOT earphones
    comfortable for long usage
  6. happa95
    I don't see your trouble with the Sennheisers. They'd work perfectly for indoors/airplane travel as well as for everyday use. And if your worry is their durability, they're supposed to be nearly indestructible, with all of the parts being user-replaceable.
  7. massec
    whats the sound difference between the k518 and the sennheiser hd25-1-ii? Is it more than worth the sound difference, and would it be readily noticable with  my mp3 player?

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