1. yxpoh

    Recommendations required for Amp with not much Feature.

    Hi,   I am considered just a normal user for playing music for entertainment purpose.   I wish to know what amp would you guys recommend for a basic feature amp. I am not in need for advanced features and also think that I won't be using them.   Basically for the sake of just...
  2. CZ Eddie

    Can any of the micro amps drive 8ohm speakers?

    I'm looking at the Fireye Mini+, Mini, Fiio E6 and Hippo.  The Mini+ and E6 are just barely too big for the application I'll use them in, so I absolutely cannot use anything larger.   Problem is, while I have some 32ohm speakers, they aren't high quality.  And the only high quality speakers I...
  3. streetdragon

    Goldring Dr150 + Hippo Cricri amp or Sennheiser HD558 + Hippo box amp

    I'm planning to upgrade to this from my Senn HD202, i've been at the shop multiple times, hered grados, shures, bayer dynamics, and a few more. eventually i narrowed it down to these 2 I wll be listening to mostly Electronic music, likely techno, house, trance, bit of dubstep , lots of drum...
  4. DeadP1xels

    HippoBox+ used with a second amp???

    First of all   Hello Head-Fi!! Long time lurker first time poster i've gotten into portable audio from head-fi and started of with a generic 2gb mp3 with stock headphones   Heres the stuff i use its nothing special but its a start   Sources: Zen X-fi 10gb (8+2) , Htc Wildfire...
  5. lancepeeder


    Hello guys. I am new to this whole headphone thing (been using earphones mostly) I had just bought myself an ATH-M50, with a hippo box to use with my sansa Clip +.   (I jsut wanted to post this)
  6. subxero

    Head-fi help me (Hippo Box or Hippo Gumstick)

    okay so i'm deciding if i should get the hippo box or gumstick i want hippo box so in the future if i buy any mp3 player i can amplify it with this, but i don't know how good this amp is i want the gumstick because i've read alot of reviews about it and it has a built in amp and sound...
  7. SoSpecial

    How bad would a Fiio E5 be compared to. . .

    A budget DIY amp?   Reason why I am asking is I don't have that strong of an oAMP on my soundcard or on my ipod, and I've heard any amp is better then no amp. I'm not above doing a DIY but I'd like to keep the price down, this will only be driving entry level 201's and RX700's currently and...
  8. mp3

    My review of the Govibe Single and Hippo Box

      GoVibe Single   Portable headphone amplifier.     Specs. Dimensions: 53x20x20mm Weight: 13g (without battery) AAA size external battery Price: $129   Hardware and accessories. The Govibe Single is made of plastic and is very light. It comes with a 3,5mm cable to...
  9. TrollDragon

    Pictures of Your *Budget-Fi* Portable Rig (< $200)

    Greetings & Salutations!   As much as I like drooling over the Amazing Rigs in the regular thread, it sometimes just get a little too overwhelming... There needs to be a place for us average "Joe's" to post pictures of the Budget-Fi gear that we love and use every day. You know, those of...
  10. Hippo Box

    Hippo Box

    Portable Amp