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Goldring Dr150 + Hippo Cricri amp or Sennheiser HD558 + Hippo box amp

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by streetdragon, Jun 15, 2012.
  1. streetdragon
    I'm planning to upgrade to this from my Senn HD202, i've been at the shop multiple times, hered grados, shures, bayer dynamics, and a few more. eventually i narrowed it down to these 2

    I wll be listening to mostly Electronic music, likely techno, house, trance, bit of dubstep , lots of drum and bass too
    I place importaint in deep, solid (not boomy) bass and crisp treble, (prominent or not its ok i can eq it later)
    Will be using these at home and the 202 for portable use 

    Im not concerned about value for money, as i want absolute performance as this pair will the be last im purchasing in a long time.

    The shopkeeper reccomends the goldring quite highly when i was testing and considering the HD558, he also told me that the goldring has burned in while the sennheiser hasn't at the shop. does the sound change that much for the sennheiser after burn in?

    Which one should i get? *torn apart*
  2. jupitreas
    In my experience, the Goldring is not ideal for electronic music that require a well-defined, solid bass performance. Their bass rolls off rather early and there is no sub-bass to speak of in these headphones (a bit like the typical Grado sound). They are great for energetic rock and other forms of 'live' music, where the bass is provided by a bass instrument like a guitar or bass, since those instruments don't usually go into sub-bass territory, but if you want to enjoy dubstep and drum and bass the way its supposed to be, these are not ideal.
    Then again, the HD555 is not ideal for these genres either, although it is slightly more suited for them.
    Instead, since it seems like you are going for a full-size open-back headphone, I'd go with a Beyerdynamic DT990 Pro. They have all the bass you need and also come with some of the sharpest, most clear treble at this price point.
    PS: Burn-in is largely a myth, don't use that as your main consideration.
  3. streetdragon
    oh oops sorry forgot to mention but the dt990 is way too far out of my price range at RM1400,(about usd 450 if converted, yes headphones here are under huge taxes and are very expensive)   since my soft budget limit is about rm700... the hd558 already is stretching it quite far, but thanks anyway^^ i'll check it out at the shop the next time, and then maybe i may just stretch the limit a little further to the dt770
    Hmm how does the dt770 match instead? does it beat withthe Dr150 and the HD558?

    so the first test with them brand new at the shop will sound exactly the same 1 year later if the myth is false?
  4. jupitreas

    Hey, I meant the DT990 PRO, which is cheaper than the ordinary version, while still using the exact same drivers. It should be within your limit.
    The DT770 is also an option but it is a closed headphone and IMO, if you're going into closed headphones, there are better options than the DT770, which has a noticeably recessed midrange and rather harsh treble. The DT990 also has a recessed midrange, but it manages to sound more natural, at least IMO.
    If you want a closed headphone, Ultrasone makes some great closed headphones that are fantastic for electronic music.
    As for burn-in, yes, most headphones will sound exactly the same brand new and after many hours of use. Some headphones might change their sound very slightly, but mostly these changes are inaudible. It is far more likely that it is the brain that gets used to a headphone after using it for a while, so the burn-in is actually in the brain. This is what we know so far from a scientific point of view, at least. With this said, this is a hotly debated topic among audio enthusiasts, so your mileage may vary. It is still probably not a good idea to choose a headphone based on what it is supposedly going to sound like after a debatable and possibly mythical burn-in, right? Its better to just get a pair that sounds good straight out of the box...
  5. devhen
    I think the 770 is great for those genres and at $200 I don't know if you'll find an ultrasone that is better though I can't say for sure as I've never owned any ultrasones
  6. streetdragon
    I only have 1 shop that i can buy proper headphones from,and i do not have the privilage of online shopping, (there is no best buy, amazon, walmart etc since im not in the US) the physical version of the shop http://www.jaben.com.my/ doesn't have the DT990pro or Ultrasones. so unfortunately that's a no-no for me. i like to go there from time to time to try out some nice headphones and chat with the shopkeeper, he stated during our conversation that the DR150 has very little bass from 20-200hz before burn in. guess the debate of burn in will continue for a long time to come. 

    anyway i have my eyes set on the HD558 already (planning to do the foam mod too), will go to the shop in a week or so to give my ears one last chance to change it's mind before i make the buy, for some odd reason though bayer's are very expensive here o.o" the prices here and in the US are not consistant... you can go and check the jaben website prices, they are all first hand. (RM3 = 1USD)
  7. jupitreas
    I think I'd get either an Audio Technica ATH M50 (MYR 699) or a Fischer Audio FA 003 (MYR 649) over the Sennheiser at the store you linked to. They both have better bass than the Sennheiser, which has somewhat bloated mid-bass and recessed treble.
  8. XHale
    Just to let you know, forum.lowyat.net has sellers that are cheaper then Jaben.

    I saw the DT990 Pro for RM950~ which is still expensive compared to US but cheaper than some other places here.

  9. tendou
    Whatt are better option compared to dt770 pro you can suggest?
  10. streetdragon
    price sounds good, how is the treble clarity and soundstage on the M50 and FA 003 models? i really liked the airyness and soft sparkle on the HD558 over the more congested and bright DR150[​IMG]  gosh i really wanna go and have a test and comparision at the shop soon. its just a few dozen stone's throws away, probs i would go during this weekend.
    that sounds like a good value, not sure how im gonna buy it from them though, my buying power and methods are rather limited ^^"
  11. XHale
    What part of Malaysia are you from?
    http://www.idews.com.my/ Have the FA-003 USD165(RM520).
    http://forum.lowyat.net/topic/2185904 Have the DT990 Pro 32 Ohm for RM979. You can ask him about the 250 Ohm version.
    XHale :D
  12. jupitreas
    Hi, for a closed headphone at that price range, I'd go for a DT250-250Ohm, M-Audio Q40 or Fischer Audio FA-003
  13. streetdragon
    Subang Jaya in Selangor. and lol he is in Johor Bahru,that is like the other side of Malaysia oh well there is postage service at least
    lol won't ever be getting the 250Ohm version, no suitable amp to run itXD 

    however though i prefer listening to the headphones before i buy them, afterall the DT990 is still pricey at RM979,
    i will look though the FA003 and the M50 first though at the shop
  14. streetdragon
    i've decided that i won't take the fischer either, because i want open cans so i can hear what's going on around me
  15. streetdragon
    just bought the HD558, tried the Fischer today, didnt't like it. 

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