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Pictures of Your *Budget-Fi* Portable Rig (< $200)

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by trolldragon, Feb 13, 2013.
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  1. TrollDragon
    Exactly Podster, I started the thread as it started getting a little old looking at an AK100, RSA Intruder, $150+ 3.5mm TRS IC and then out to a pair of LCD 3's...
    It's really hard to post a picture of the Colorfly C3 (the wife commandeered my clip+) running the Porta Pro's or the S500's and not get lost in all the 6 picture quoted reply droolies. :) The stuff is gorgeous gear, but really... You just don't carry that around with you, or not most places I go to anyway.
    True that some of my setups posted here have been close to $300 but considering that most decent headphones retail in that neighborhood alone, 300 bones for a full package is very Budget-Fi in my opinion. The nano 3rd Generation and the Porta Pro's never leave my pocket these days, just ordered a nice leather hard case for the nano from eBay for $4... (Mmmmm nano smell like baseball glove) The nano I got for free, what's an 8GB nano worth these days, not much, and the Porta Pro's I grabbed on sale at B&H for $35.
    So if your rocking the 2GB Clip+ and a sweet pair of TDK MT-300's or a free iPhone 4 and some used IE80's that you got for a steal (Just let peeps know you picked them up for $150 at a yard sale) [​IMG] then all is good here IMHO.
    It's all about the music and trying to improve one quality of listening.
  2. Podster
    True and a lot of fun getting there, by the way I just got back from the post office so keep your eyes peeled next week sometime I imagine[​IMG]
  3. TrollDragon
    Excellent, Most Excellent!
    There is a Mr. Jackson here who has been asking for you as well, funny looking fellow, seems to have a foot and a half of forehead... [​IMG]
  4. audiotux
    I agree with podster i posted my budget rig on page 5 I guess but since then my budget has improved and so has my rig.
  5. Podster
    To kind Troll, post was just under $9 bones. I'm not a greedy boy so you can let Mr. Jackson and Mr. Hamilton battle it out over who gets the ride[​IMG]
  6. Podster
    I'm not sure about winning the budget showdown but this ones a hands down light load[​IMG]
  7. JoeDoe
    Sansa Clip + with 32gb SD: $45
    Fiio E5: $25
    MEElec A151: $50 (thanks to The Deals Thread)
    Total Budget-Fi Setup with great SQ and portability: $120
    The E5 is usually for my GR07s but it gives the 151 a little more bottom too. [​IMG]
  8. Achmedisdead
    I had one of those itty bitty 4th gen shuffles for a while(that same color too). Impressive sound for something so small! 
  9. Podster
    "I had one of those itty bitty 4th gen shuffles for a while(that same color too). Impressive sound for something so small! "
    Well Achmed, I thought the 4th Gen Shuff did sound really good on IEM/efficient phones but not like the new 7th Gen Nano, I have enjoyed anything I've plugged into my new Nano. Heck it and my iPhone 4 both sound pretty good on my 702's but so far my fave phones (of the ones I own) are my UE EB5's on it[​IMG]
  10. Achmedisdead
    Just the other day I was in a store and had the chance to see one of the 7G Nanos in person....I was amazed at the size of it.....seems like a really nice compromise between something tiny like a Shuffle or Clip and something big like a Touch or Classic. Good to hear that they sound great too!
  11. Podster
    Achmedisdead, here is another thread http://www.head-fi.org/t/635800/impression-apple-nano-7g-lightning-to-30pin-adapter that supports the quality of the 7G's output stage. I had wanted to put mine on my C421 when I got it and I found older LOD's would not work with the lightning adapter so I ended up getting a new L3 and then it worked but I also found out this route just ate the battery up in the 7G with really no benefit to SQ! Long story short and as I discovered the 7G sounds great on multiple phones and battery life is killer when run right out of the headphone jack. ClieOS was a great help to me in that thread and who pointed me in the direction of the new LOD. Cheers
  12. FrequencyBlue
    $200 android (was gifted btw) + $4 PowerAmp + $75 JVC HA-FXT90 + $28 orange JVC HA-FX40 (not in the pic)
  13. grokit
    Summer rig: I recently put this together for $80 (the only thing new is the armband) and am quite pleased with it.
    Mint iPod PRODUCT:red 3G Nano  $45
    Used UltraFit 3000 (incomplete)    $30
    New Body Glove armband/case      $5
    It doesn't hurt that the IEMs retail for $80 alone so I think I did pretty good.
    It sounds great for what it is but I wish the red Nano matched the red on the Polks [​IMG]
  14. davidcotton
    Posted these all over the place, but figured one more won't hurt.  Maybe pushing the boundaries in terms of budget but considering it's custom, well :-
    Cosmic Ears MA1 and Sansa Clip Plus, budget custom goodness for £130 (plus impressions, postage and sd card but you get the idea).  So that would be around $200 in total for a custom set up!
    Small, compact, easy to use (easier than full size customs just plug em in!)sounds great for a single driver (dual also available for a bit more) what's not to like?
  15. JoeDoe

    Rockboxed Sansa Clip + 40gb -> KSC75

    Total beach-ready setup: $45

    If you can beat that price to SQ ratio, well my hat is off to you.
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