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  2. XERW

    Entry-level recommendations

    In the market for either IEM or a full-sized cans (closed) that can be driven without AMP. Budget around $160 (USD) remote location means I'm stuck at ordering online. Any recommendations? Going to venture outside inner-fi this time - need more input.   Previously owned cans: - HD201 - HD202...
  3. nowan

    HELP: Sennheiser HD 201 or Philips Citiscape Downtown or anything else?

    Hi to everyone!   This would be my first pair of "large" headphones, after years and years of in-ear phones.   I would like something ok, but not expensive at all. Something simple yet "flexible", that I can use to listen some music with my mp3 player/phone and to watch a film on my pc as...
  4. jjacq

    Anyone here only own 1 pair of headphones? How are you holding up?

    I own around 5 pairs, 2 of them I normally use on a daily basis. I'm thinking of selling the rest because first of all, I only have one head and secondly, I barely use them now) but I'm not sure if I'll miss them... Here's what I have:   Denon D2000(I use almost everyday) Sennheiser HD...
  5. slefty

    Questions about full sized sealed headphones for iPod for $70 or less

    A friend is looking to get his son a set of headphones for his iPod. Wants a full sized sealed design (so no Grado SR60), and with a price around $60 (US). His son has hinted for a pair of Hesh2 or Skullcruishers from Skull CandySkullCandy, but all my kid's friends with those have had them fail...
  6. iPiggi

    New Gaming Headset

    Hey, I'm looking for a new gaming headset for playing various games on my PC. I want it to be 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound and cost between £40 and £60, no more. What is the best option? So far I've found the Genius Cavmanus (£50) and the Roccat Kave (£60), but it looks like I won't be able to use...
  7. sigmac123

    good phones for under $40

    hey looking for some good phones for under 40$   i Want clear sound and I dont care much 4 bass   dont care if there closed or open
  8. Kodhifi

    My review of the Sony MDR-V6

    A bit about my collection Beyerdynamic DT880 250ohm AKG Q701 Sony MDR-V600 Sennheiser HD201 Sennheiser HD205 Sennheiser HD419 Grado SR60i The V6 used to be a standard in the recording and video/music production worlds and Sony decided to cash in on this by discontinuing the V6 and...
  9. PinoyPogiman

    Are There any Headphone Hard Box-Cases?

    like some other people,  i take care of my cans like they're delicate babies.   and just holding on to them while walking around in school seems just too much for me to cringe about.   i want to be able to keep them in my Bookbag, but i cant do that because of the rowdiness of school...
  10. sammyboy2701

    Noob budget-fier with a couple of daft questions!

    Hello all, I've just joined after lurking for a week or two. Found the forum after searching for headphone reviews when looking for a decent-quality set of portable over-ear cans. After reading quite a few reviews and a visit to my local Richer Sounds hifi store I got myself a lovely pair of...
  11. Kodhifi

    Are you a critical listener? Take the mp3 test

    Go to and take the test using the best headphones you can. See if you can tell the difference between a 128kbps and 320kbps mp3 file. They use a random selection of music, some of it's a little disingenuous as they pick some tracks that would tend to mask compression artifacts, so...
  12. leo9806

    Over-ear headphones for ROCK/METAL

    I am looking for some proper headphones for listening to metal and rock. My budget is around 60$. I currently have the Sennheiser HD201.
  13. mka7

    XQISIT XQ Stereo Bluetooth Headset - Worth it's price (FOR ME) or should I look for something else?

    [ Sorry for my English! ]   Hi. I was looking for a new headphones for myself and I found the XQISIT XQ Stereo Bluetooth Headset in the local store. They turned out to be really solid and very comfortable (!) but there were two issues for me: the price and the bass.   XQISIT XQ Stereo...
  14. PedroHerrera

    Best over-ear headphones under 40$

    What do you recomend?
  15. staxxx

    Simple survey on popular headphones

    Hi, I've been wanting to purchase more headphones to add to my collection and rather than ask details about the sound, I thought that this method may get me responses faster and I can use it as reference for some future purchases. I own all the headphones in my sig, except Stax, but one...
  16. RodgerM

    [solved] $24 budget, need some headphones.

    I'm willing to stretch it to $32, and get these:   The Sennheiser HD419   However , the ones at monoprice are in budget too.  Which ones would be better ? The HD419 or the monoprice 8324 , or monoprice 8323 ?
  17. Uppertaker

    Does anyone know any good inexpensive headphones for gaming/movies

    I have some HP700 which sound great with music, but not having an amp of any kind makes them not that good to use with my pc, and the short coiled cable isn't the best to plug, not to say they aren't exactly the most comfortable headphones I've wore, that being said, can anyone tip me about some...
  18. adazz

    Advice for headphones purchase for gaming and movies (budget $200 to $300)

    Hi,   There is a lot of information on these forums and I am thankful for it. Having done my research I am a bit more confused on what I should buy and wanted advice from this community.   My usage would primarily be for PC gaming and movies with some light play on PS3 (I primarily play...
  19. Johnsonr520

    Anyone in Orlando/UCF area on here?

    I know this should probably go in another section but I am just wondering if anyone in this area is active on this site since I have not met any other audiophiles or head-fi'ers around here. It would be cool to meet someone with other full size headphones to try.
  20. HolyCheese

    Sub 20$ (€15) headphones as a christmass gift

    Hi there,   It's been a very long time since I have been on this site. Mostly because I'm content with what I have and don't need anything new. But now I need your help again. I'm looking for good closed back full sized cans with a bit of emphasis on the bass for under 15 euros. The only...
  21. sportsfan88

    Best headphones under $30?

    Hey guys,   Can I get some suggestions on some headphones for under $30?   I saw Amazon has the Koss PortaPro for $24.99 and the Sennheiser HD201 for $19.99. Which one is better?   Also anyone know a really good headphone extension cord that I can buy?
  22. maniakk

    Porta pro vs HD 201, 202, 218 vs RP-HTX7 or maybe something other :)

    Hi. As I said in the topic, I want to buy some good headphones. The maximum prize is 32$. I will be using the headphones for gaming (League of Legends only) and for music, I am listening to all the songs. Can I get a good Razer in this price? They has to be portable, and have a good isolation I...
  23. coldhart

    Over the ear HeadPhone for computer?

    im thinking about buying Over the ear HeadPhone (or in-ear-phone) for pc since my brainwavz m2 got damaged.   Purpose :- Music (Rock, hip hop, rap rarely pop), movie, gaming, tutorial only on my desktop & need for very long use per day (10 to 12 hour) need headphone with really clear...
  24. dang124

    Happy Accident with the Meelectronics M6's or need a replacement?

    I am not, by any stretch of the term, an audiophile. I do care about sound quality and I've casually visited head-fi for a couple of years now but I'm ignorant to most of the world.   Anyway, a couple months ago I needed to replace some HD201's and came on here and found out about the...
  25. mifero766

    Budget headphone next to senn hd201

    Hi!   I would like to ask about other budget over ear headphones. I have Sennheiser HD 201.   I'm thinking of 50 to 100 dollar range the cheaper the better. I'm not in the US so I expect much higher price.   This features will be great. -removable cable -foldable -good case  ...