1. bchman

    Sansa Fuze Or Sansa Clip+

    As The Topic Suggested,Which Is Better? I Looking For A Good N Cheap Player Since My iPod Touch Is Dying Soon. *I Will Be Using Fiio E5 And Pl-30(Sound Magic) With It*
  2. rexdale

    Looking for a cheap music player for a dt770

    I'm looking for a quality music player that is low price and can power a dt770, although this isn't necesary since i have an amp. As long as it has good quality and low price (if possible) It's good. Small storage is not an issue. Thanks in advance
  3. AudioTroll

    Best under a 100$ preferbly way under, or multiple options

    I'm back, since both player and cable broke on me :/   now I have to make a choice, a cheap,and I mean dirt cheap, DAP and new cable, or a tab (smartq s7, after alot of research)   Is the Sansa clip+ still the way to go on a budget?   the tab has andriod 4.1 a  TI OMAP 4430, ARM...
  4. genrejunkie

    Package Deal!! Bit of overall advice required.

    Hi all. I'm just looking to get myself together my 'MP3' player gear but really haven't looked into it that much before. Apart from a £10 2gb mp3 stick, I'm the man who's still on a cd player!...well.. not quite, but I've never gone beyond a phone for mp3s and everything else I do is through a...
  5. boogsy

    Sansa Fuze v Sony Nw-HD1 ( Sony has much better sound quality )

    Hello to everyone   this is my 1st post,  and basically I have owned the Sony NW-HD1 for a few years now,  it is an Atrac player ( no lossless )    I recently purchased a Sansa Fuze ,   and have spent sometime comparing the SQ.   The Sony has a seriously good high end sound,   the...
  6. swbf2cheater

    Sansa Fuze Battery Replacement Question

    anyone have experience with replacing a fuze battery and where to get a real one from?   I dont want to sell or get rid of mine, but the battery only lasts a few hours now and i would love to replace it or at least learn how
  7. Vhaara

    Still a little confused on which player to buy, help me out?

    Hello everyone, i have been reading around on the forum and checking out different players but i am still unsure as to which one to get.   At first i was looking at the P3, then the Sansa's, then the Cowon's, and lastly at the S:Flo2. But i cannot seem to find where to buy the S:Flo2. The...
  8. Gideon

    Suggestions for source under £50....better than android?

    Hello,   I'm currently using my android phone as my portable sound source, now the newer gen of android phones do give quite a good output but i was wondering if people's experience found any of the portable sources under the £50 area gave any improvement?   I'm using radiopaq jazz and...
  9. metllicamilitia

    Both the Fuze+ and Clip+ have arrived

    Still waiting on the Sleek's, but it seems to me that the Fuze+ has more bass in the sound. And as I don't like to be overwhelmed by bass, I have chosen to use the Clip+ and the Fuze+ went to a friend in desperate need of a new DAP.   Couple Rockbox questions though. If I install Rockbox...
  10. Wingnut198244

    Deal Alert: 4gb Sansa fuze 27.99 shipped (Woot!)   22.99$ + 5$ Shipping One Day, One deal! Woot!
  11. bakka

    sansa fuze or ... new dap advice needed

    I m in a buying mood lately and need an advice about player Im gonna buy. Actually now I have clip and clip+ both rockboxed but I want something with a screen. I thought fuze because of being rockboxable (what a great word indeed) and good SQ but I have no idea how its screen. Also I thought...
  12. fallsroad

    Ear Bud Recommendation

    Greetings,   I've gotten in the habit of taking longer and longer walks with my dog - good for me, good for him too.   I've got an old Sansa 4GB player which looks like crap but works fine.   I've also got a cheap pair of Sony ear buds that don't stay in my ears very well with or...
  13. CDewey

    Deal Alert ! Sansa Fuse 4GB on woot

    Sansa Fuse 4GB on Woot today for $27.99
  14. bananaman22

    IEMs for under 50$?

    alright so i'm in need of some new IEMs for portable use with my sansa fuze. i'd rather not spend anything over 50$, and since these will be mostly for portable use i want them to isolate pretty well. i mostly listen to rock, and i love the sound of my grado sr80i's. are there any cheap IEMs...
  15. authistic

    Order by sound quality

    Hey guys..   I know this is a quiet .. stupid thread but I am quiet new to mobile sources.. I need to get a good overview..   So I would love to know which players are "omg-damn-nice" and which are the "bah-dat-sux" =) So could anyone please order the following players by sound...
  16. SoulSyde

    Sansa Fuze Appreciation Thread

    I've owned a lot of DAPs in my brief Head-Fi tenure: • Sansa Fuze 8GB • Sansa Clip 1GB • Sansa C250 • iPod Shuffle 1G 512MB • iPod 5G 30GB • iPod 6G 80GB • iPod Touch 2G 8GB • iPod Nano 1G 4GB   ...and for some reason the only ones I really every liked musically are my Fuze and...
  17. David58117

    What's better than an ipod touch?

    It's probably an unfortunate title, but it's honestly how I feel.  When a player offers wifi, free apps such as pandora/, numerous radio apps with the ability to record programs, has a service (Rhapsody) that for $10 a month puts millions of songs at your fingertips AND gives you...
  18. chnsawBrutality

    Fuze vs iPhone 3GS

    I'm sure somebody has already compared these two players before, I just wanted to share what I found.   I did a quick test and I noticed the bass on the Fuze is a lot better. It just seems nonexistent on the iphone 3GS when I compared it to the Fuze.  The Fuze had tight bass compared to the...
  19. ext23

    help me choose my new mp3 player!

    hi all, first post.   my ipod nano has become really unstable so i wanna get something new.   i really don't care about video at all. i'm not gonna be watching videos on the move. photos, maybe, occassionally, but i have a smartphone for that.   after reading these forums a bit, i am...
  20. magliter

    Suggestions for PMP; Video a must.

    I need a pmp when I'm taking the train and in between classes to catch up on my shows. Needs to play video.   Thinking of Fuze or getting a 3rd gen Nano   however I looked it up there's a fuze+ coming so i don't know   This will be used to put episodes/seasons of shows i'm trying to...
  21. ThePunisher

    Need new DAP (sub $100)

    I've had my 1st gen iPod nano forever now, and I'm really getting tired of it, mainly the fact that its only 2GB   I would like to get something thats 4GB with expandable (microSD) memory. I looked at some iRivers b/c I heard they were good, but found only touchscreens. I need something more...
  22. dustyex99

    Which would be better? J3+uDAC or Fuze+D4

    Sorry if this at the wrong forums! Need some of your brain power from you guys!   Has been a lurker for the past 6mth and i learned quite alot from here! I just acquired a TF10! Which I am enjoying now! However, the sources I am using is prevent my TF10 to unleash to its fullest...
  23. ZeusAudio

    Sansa Fuze+

    Just saw this and thought some out there might like to see it. Looks like it should be a good player with a better battery and bigger storage capability.
  24. uhnoel

    SanDisk debuts newly designed Sansa Fuze+ PMPs
  25. heyheykuk

    Nokia MU-45 microSDHC and Sansa Fuze

    Will work with Sansa Fuze?