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Package Deal!! Bit of overall advice required.

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by genrejunkie, Sep 13, 2011.
  1. genrejunkie
    Hi all. I'm just looking to get myself together my 'MP3' player gear but really haven't looked into it that much before. Apart from a £10 2gb mp3 stick, I'm the man who's still on a cd player!...well.. not quite, but I've never gone beyond a phone for mp3s and everything else I do is through a computer.
    So what I'm after is a bit of solid advice as a starter to set me off on the path to purchase. Obviously all I hear re music players is the iPod...however a little reading has brought up that it doesn't have adjustable EQ which is unreal. I don't really know the pros and cons about using iPod/iTunes etc...but I'm believing it ain't that great overall. Soooo... 
    Q1 - Portable music player recommendations that either are good on their own for sound quality, or that would be good with a not too expensive portable amp addition. So if you could throw a couple of recommendations for portable amps with your suggestion that would be wholly appreciated, and if these work well with any headphone recommendations made also that's great.
    Moving on with the proverbial package I'm after a good pair of over ear headphones and a pair of in ear ones for jogging and the gym. Price range £200/$315 and £30/$50 respectively. As I'll be concentrating more on the sweating than the sound the 'gym' pair don't have to be as high quality hence the lower price range. The over ear phones are for commute, home listen, mixing i.e. 'all else' and I would love as good quality as possible. I've been reading reviews on the Denon DH2000's, them vs the 1100's etc and am definitely verging on the 2000's. So any other preferences in that range I would love to hear about. So...
    Q2 - Over ear headphones recommendations and...
    Q3 - ...decent 'budget' in ear phones
    I know that's quite a lot to ask in one, so even a brief part of your brain would be welcome :)
    As an overview I like many genres of music with the main ones being Jungle, DnB, House, HipHop, Heavy Metal through to "evil'er" metal. I do listen to many others but matching my equipment somewhat to those preferences is err... preferable! That's why from what I've looked at so far the D2000s seem more up my street with their good low end bass capabilities as opposed to the likes of the D1100 with the lack of 'sub' bass sound and more punchy 80hz (?) area bass. I'm 75/25 between DnB and Metal these days...so as much as I love a true in your face definition of the 10x double tracked detuned distorted guitars, I prefer my cans to have DnB glorifying capabilities. Overall budget .... max and hopefully under £500 / $800
    Thanks so much for having a read of this, I appreciate your time.
  2. MalVeauX
    Sansa Fuze or Clip+.
    Get the Denon D2000. Near perfect.
    For on ear, check out the ESW9A, M80 and DT1350.
    For IEM's, check out the Shure SE215's.
    Very best,

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