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Sansa Fuze Appreciation Thread

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by soulsyde, Sep 15, 2010.
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  1. SoulSyde
    I've owned a lot of DAPs in my brief Head-Fi tenure:
    • Sansa Fuze 8GB
    • Sansa Clip 1GB
    • Sansa C250
    • iPod Shuffle 1G 512MB
    • iPod 5G 30GB
    • iPod 6G 80GB
    • iPod Touch 2G 8GB
    • iPod Nano 1G 4GB
    ...and for some reason the only ones I really every liked musically are my Fuze and Clip.  The 1st Gen Shuffle takes a close 3rd, but I never really cared for any of the other devices. 
    Suffering from "Upgrade-itis" I keep searching for the next device and nothing really appeals to me.  Cowon is world renown for its SQ, but their UI and/or form factor on all of their devices kind of annoy me; Not to mention their most recent high end devices (S9 and J3) have tons of threads of bricked and twitchy devices.  I hate Apple, 'nuff said.  Archos and Creative are out (for reasons too numerous to count).  The Samsung P3 is nice, having listened to it, but I heard some weird sibilance when testing it that I didn't care for.  That leaves Sony... I LOVE the X-Series Walkman.  It sounds great, has a nice stable UI, but it's too damn expensive in 32GB.
    So I keep searching for the reasonably-priced 32GB Holy Grail of DAPs while listening to my Fuze, fed through my iBasso P3, to my HD600s and smile... realizing that the search is fruitless.  I have a nice DAP sitting right in front of me already.
    Now all I need is one of those 32GB MicroSD cards! [​IMG]
  2. Berserker
    Just got a Fuze a couple days ago. Have it coupled with my FiiO E7, and using MEElectronics M6's. Sounds excellent. http://www.head-fi.org/forum/thread/439019/pictures-of-your-portable-rig-part-xiv/705#post_6926179
  3. murano
    While it isn't perfect, only $40 for a 8GB refurb is a great deal especially given the sound quality.  Plus at that price, I don't have to worry losing or abusing it during my daily commute.
  4. Kun
    I've been trying to get a fuze for myself aswell, preferrably v1.
    I'm well aware that there are 2 kind of packaging for the Fuze, the Square Blue box and the other Oval-ish rectangular baby blue box.
    But somehow I've found a fuze that has a totally different packaging?

    Are they legit?
    Thanks in advance. [​IMG]
  5. Guidostrunk
    I love my Fuze. I currently use it LOD with my pico slim to my Sm3 and it sounds fantastic. The thing i love about the Fuze is its flat response and SQ for a budget DAP, also the LO is sweet for running an amp.Cheers
  6. SoulSyde


    Completely legit.  Mine came in the same box, also a black 8GB V2 Fuze.
  7. Darkchaser
    Any good LODs? I saw a few on eBay, but not sure about the quality. Anyways how much difference does an LOD make? It seems quite debatable, personally I've used through the HO and it's still quite good, probably coz the signal is quite clean from HO. 
    But yeah, I appreciate the Fuze a lot :p I had a choice between the Fuze and Fuze+, in the end Rockbox and the buttons won me over. Now I need to get a 32GB card....and maybe a 2nd Fuze just in case they discontinue production....
  8. SoulSyde


    This is what I'm using and it works great:
  9. Guidostrunk

    IMO its night and between the 2. LO from the fuze sounds a lot better than the HPO. But thats how my ears hear it. Others opinions may vary. It's a pretty heated debate amongst us head-fiers. Cheers

  10. SoulSyde


    This is a debate that will we waged here for years.  I can say that with my iPod 5G the difference was night and day, not so much with my iPod 6G.  With my Sansa Fuze it's barely noticeable, but it is an improvement.  For me I like not having to change the volume on the Fuze, but on the amp instead by using the LOD.
  11. Guidostrunk

    Agree with the whole volume thing, nice feature with LOD on the Fuze. The thing i notice the most is the imaging and soundstage improvments with the LOD. Which to my ears is a big difference from the HPO. To Darkchaser i got all my LOD'S from a friend of mine here from the forum- average_joe, although i don't think he has the time to make them anymore, But there are some on ebay, dont know about the quality of them though.

  12. GnuB
  13. Priidik
    Got a Fuze recently, i am amazed by its sound. At least for IEM-s its sound comes close to high end dac. 
  14. 4DThinker
    I picked up a Fuze+ 16gb not too long ago, and just recently found an update for it.  Although the touch-sensitive control area and UI in general could stand some improvement, it is pretty amazing how good it sounds including the gapless playback.  No mixing of onboard and microSD content though. I've just posted my review with photos HERE.   Have a look.  Questions here or comments there.
  15. Ashayuni
    got my sansa fuze 2gb v2 rockbox paired it with my akg 518le...im satisfied with my rig

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