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Suggestions for source under £50....better than android?

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by gideon, Oct 17, 2010.
  1. Gideon
    I'm currently using my android phone as my portable sound source, now the newer gen of android phones do give quite a good output but i was wondering if people's experience found any of the portable sources under the £50 area gave any improvement?
    I'm using radiopaq jazz and will be getting a PA2V2 and wondered if i woult notice any improvement in a dedicated sound source in that kind of budget? I'm not worried about how much storage is on these things as i would like something with a microsd slot so i can just throw whatever i want in it.
    So does anyone know if there's a device that would improve things (would want EQ options as well since this is the main downfall i've found in the android players) and compliment the other equipment i'm using within my budget?
    Any help much appreciated
    Cheers Guys
  2. Marcus_C
    I'd be inclined to upgrade your earphones if I wasn't satisfied with that set-up. I can quite happily enjoy my beyer dtx100's (£90) out of my phone, and most days I listen to some earphones at £200 from a source that I might just be able to get £25 for on ebay (admittedly it's three years old).
  3. Negakinu
    My Sansa Fuze and Clip+ (both <$50) sound both much better to my ears than my HTC Desire. I've owned A LOT of different smartphones and, to me, none of them sounded any good. The best SQ from a phone I heard so far was from my Blackberry 8900. And that says a lot! [​IMG]
  4. jasonb
    which android phone do you have? some can be hacked to sound quite a bit better.
    my HTC Incredible for example can be hacked to add a program called DSP Manager, which includes an EQ and DSP effects. i also did a hack to make the volume output louder. together this setup sounds great. the only complaint i have is with the low level hiss this phone has with low impedance/high sensitivity headphones.
  5. anadin
    Samsung GALAXY S has excellent SQ.
  6. Negakinu
    compared to...?
  7. paulypaul


    Ive heard the nokia music express 5300 mobile and wasn't impressed at all with the sound.
    My Clip+ Rockboxed & A828 Walkman are so much better in SQ IMO.
  8. Gideon
    Sorry for the late reply here...
    I'm using a Dell Streak at the moment for my sound source....just been fiddling with Mixzing app which actually has EQ settings and have a PA2V2 coming any day now so looking forward to seeing how they go together.

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