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sansa fuze or ... new dap advice needed

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by bakka, Oct 2, 2010.
  1. bakka
    I m in a buying mood lately and need an advice about player Im gonna buy. Actually now I have clip and clip+ both rockboxed but I want something with a screen. I thought fuze because of being rockboxable (what a great word indeed) and good SQ but I have no idea how its screen. Also I thought creative zen x-fi (not x-fi 2,i want buttons!) but probably since its an old dap I couldnt find any specific reviews about it.I tried it in an electronic market I liked its SQ and also I liked screen indeed but Im not sure Im gonna purchase it. I could get fuze for about $80 for new (refurbished ones with shipping $50 but I have no idea about refurbished products,whether they are prone to be broken or their battery was damaged or its nothing wrong to get it) and x fi for $110. If you have any other advices about this level of prices except them,it will be highly appreciated. Thank you.
    btw ; i need more info about refurbished products really.
    edit : they are both 8 gb
  2. bakka
  3. JxK
    What are you planning on using the screen for? If it's just to be able to view album art, or a podcast video clip the fuze will be adequate. If, on the other hand, you want to watch movies, you'll want something with a more impressive screen than the fuze. If so, consider the samsung p3 or the cowon j3.
  4. whistler
    I have had very few problems with refurbished equipment over the years. They are examined/repaired before they are resold. If they are still or go bad it is usually soon after you start using them and under a limited warranty. Buy from some one with a reputation if you can, ie. Newegg.com is good. 
  5. bakka
    Actually I wanna watch movies series and some cartoons by it so I have same thoughts about fuze and since p3,j3 or s9 their price is too high for me atm Im leaning to zen x fi. I read some good reviews about its screen but Im still not sure.
    Thanks for the info.Because I live in Turkey I have few store options to get refurbished items,like eBay. I saw some fuzes for $55 (w/ shipping) but because of the screen I couldnt pull the trigger. After your positive comments about refurbished items I guess Im gonna get one.
  6. Young Spade
    Hmm, well if you're serious about the video then you're going to have to go to something with at least 3.5 inches IMO... The Cowons are great... However you did say they were out of the price range...

    Maybe... Try saving up some more? It's really tempting to spend money that's burning your pocket but most of the time it pays off to be patient.
  7. bakka

    Thanks for support and advice [​IMG] About cowons,which one can you recommend ? S9 or J3 ? And ppl who used or still using cowons told that their SQ is not as good as sansa or sony X series etc. what do u think about their SQ?

  8. bakka
    still need some help :/
  9. Young Spade
    I cannot comment about the sound quality. Although IMO the sound quality if the sans players is so overrated; there are many players that beat it in sound quality.

    The t51 walks all over it and the iPod touch sounds better as well. I think it's just because of the price and it sounds descent and people hype it up until they believe it's the best thing ever.
  10. bikertrash
    Have you looked at the Creative Xfi Style, it's an Xfi 2 with buttons instead of touchscreen. You didn't mention it in your original post so I thought I'd kick it in there.
  11. bakka
    I know its style,I said that I used it in an electronic market in here and I kinda like it rather xfi 2

  12. stevenjchang
    $80 is $30-$40 more than i'd ever pay for an 8gb fuze.  for $65 i got an 80g ipod classic 80gb perfect condition off craigslist two months ago.  i know its off topic but you get the point.  its too much.  considering zunehd 16gb is $125 used and an ipod touch 8gb can be found for $100 used.
  13. bakka


    You are right at your point. There is a huge "but" is that no one ever sells used ipod touch for $100 here,it starts with $150 1st or 2nd gen. The other point is,I found a 8gb fuze for about $50 and creative zen x fi for about $80. Id like to know about fuze's video performance. Can i watch some series like simpsons or house supernatural with that ? Or is it too painful ?

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