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Deal Alert: 4gb Sansa fuze 27.99 shipped (Woot!)

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by wingnut198244, Oct 1, 2010.
  1. Wingnut198244
  2. TheGame21x
    That's a pretty good deal for a great portable player.
  3. sepinho
    Darnit, it annoys me beyond belief that woot won't ship outside the US. Anybody getting more than one and willing to help a European out?
  4. Wingnut198244
    Would the savings really be worth it to you after shipping to Germany? You must be able to find these refurb'd cheap somewhere, I know I didn't pay too much more than this for the one I bought off amazon a few weeks ago.
  5. mcnoiserdc
    posting to EU would be about 6 USD. so it would still be a good deal!
  6. GnuB
    I must have a Sansa jones.  I bought a 8g View about two months ago.  An 8g Fuze that I ordered from Woot a few weeks ago came yesterday and I bought the 4g today.  My thought was I would Rockbox the 4g to see whether it is hype or real.  Then do it to the 8g if I really like it.  Anyhoo, it seems that one can't have too many Sansa's.
  7. sepinho
    I've never seen refurbished Fuzes in Germany, I wonder if that's a warranty issue. amazon.de's current "special deal" 4 GB Fuze is still 59,97 (~ $ 75), so yes, this would have definitely been a good deal.
    Whenever I have friends visiting from the US, I ask them to bring hifi gear because it's just so much cheaper. Maybe we should set up an int'l electronics exchange, are Sennheisers more expensive in the US than they are here?


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