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Which would be better? J3+uDAC or Fuze+D4

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by dustyex99, Aug 30, 2010.
  1. dustyex99
    Sorry if this at the wrong forums!
    Need some of your brain power from you guys![​IMG]
    Has been a lurker for the past 6mth and i learned quite alot from here!
    I just acquired a TF10! Which I am enjoying now![​IMG]

    However, the sources I am using is prevent my TF10 to unleash to its fullest potential!

    I currently using a 1gb samsung S2 for DAP and creative xmod for laptop(the onboard is [​IMG])

    My file are mostly(in midst of updating) lossless or lame mp3 320...

    The S2 is too small in term of storage

    SQ wise, they are ok but i feel that they are lacking of something...
    But i want something better to enjoy the audio bliss!

    Therefore I am thinking of upgrading this 2 component
    Within my budget...(400+ or lower)

    1)J3(DAP)+uDAC(for laptop)
    2)Fuze(DAP)+D4(for laptop and fuze)

    or any of you guys can suggest anything better, i am open to them also![​IMG]

  2. violinvirtuoso


    If you are OK with the size, the Fuze+D4 will probably give you the best sound quality. I really liked using the D4 with my old TF10s. The Fuze seems like a good player. If you get the Fuze and the D4, get a LOD (Line-Out Dock) for the Fuze. 
  3. dustyex99


    Thanks. Maybe i will try out the D4 but i am also tempted to get J3 it seem very nice... because of screen and UI...

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