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Fuze vs iPhone 3GS

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by chnsawbrutality, Sep 11, 2010.
  1. chnsawBrutality
    I'm sure somebody has already compared these two players before, I just wanted to share what I found.
    I did a quick test and I noticed the bass on the Fuze is a lot better. It just seems nonexistent on the iphone 3GS when I compared it to the Fuze.  The Fuze had tight bass compared to the iPhone, it had a fun thump.  The iPhone's bass sounded like it blended in with the other sounds,  and it just sounded like it was too weak to have a nice sounding impact.
    I used RE0s. I haven't done a test with my M50s yet, i'll do that soon when I'm bored.
    All tracks are in V0 LAME.  The volume was the same, if not they were very close.  The EQ is off on both players.
    These were the only tracks I listened to, i'll do more tracks later:
    August Burns Red- Truth of a liar
    Saltillo- A necessary end
    Saltillo- Backyard pond
    Radiohead- Idioteque
    Has anyone else had similar findings, what do y'all think when they're compared?
  2. RedSky0
    A bass hump is purely differences in the frequency response though. Unfortunately the only thing you can do on the 3GS to correct this is use some predefined EQ settings such as Latin/ Electronica which both sound virtually identical and add some bass while doing something to the treble as well. On the Fuze you can tweak however you want with rockbox.
    To me the 3GS clearly has better clarity and soundstage though, I'd take it any day over the Fuze purely for that.

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