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Both the Fuze+ and Clip+ have arrived

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by metllicamilitia, Oct 17, 2010.
  1. metllicamilitia
    Still waiting on the Sleek's, but it seems to me that the Fuze+ has more bass in the sound. And as I don't like to be overwhelmed by bass, I have chosen to use the Clip+ and the Fuze+ went to a friend in desperate need of a new DAP.
    Couple Rockbox questions though. If I install Rockbox onto my Clip+ will I have to re-transfer all my music back onto the player? I don't see why I would have too, but my comp is so slow that it would take 3 hours to do so. And the second, when I was looking into Rockbox for the v2 I have, it says it's still a beta. So is the build stable enough and not going to mess up my player if I install it?
    Again, thanks in advance for your help. It is truly appreciated. Can't tell you how much I have learned from members on this site. Probably my favorite and go to site for audio.
  2. metllicamilitia
    Woops, nevermind about the Rockbox, I misread, I have the v1 Clip+.
    EDIT: I hadn't checked into the Clip+ while on Rockbox's site. It says the build for the Clip+ is an unstable build. Does anyone have Rockbox on a Clip+ and can tell me the good and bad about the build?
  3. Achmedisdead


    I've had it on two of them for many weeks now, and I would never go back to the Sansa firmware. The website says unstable, but I've had almost zero problems, and nothing that wasn't resolved within a couple of minutes.
  4. Berserker
    I've had RB on my Clip+ for a few weeks myself. Zero problems. Much better than the stock FW, and besides, it's dual bootable.
  5. metllicamilitia
    Sounds good, it doesn't seem to want to load onto my Clip, seeing what I've done wrong right now.
  6. metllicamilitia
    Wow, I'm a little more tired than I thought, I tried loading it onto the wrong drive haha.
  7. metllicamilitia
    Okay, another question about Rockbox. I had it installed, and I installed a theme I liked. One major deal breaker for me though, I could not play all songs, I had to play by folder. Was this theme specific or Rockbox specific? If I can't play all my songs at one time, I will not use Rockbox. Thanks again for your help.
  8. cerebral
    rockboxing makes a massive difference, i'm asking asi just got a clip+ 
  9. Lex


    Highlight your music folder in the RB file browser, bring up the context menu and add the folder to your playlist. . . you can even add it shuffled if you like [​IMG]

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