1. Belabor

    Looking for something cheap and cheerful: Fuze replacement

    Hello once again Head-Fi!   I haven't been around here for quite some time, but now that my Sansa Fuze is starting to show it's age, I'm looking for something to replace it. The power/lock slider is really worn, the battery life has degraded over time and I just feel like trying something...
  2. silvernoy

    looking for new DAP.

    apple ipod touch 4g 32gb or cowon j3 32gb would be better? would be looking to get second hand ones.    currently using the yamaha-eph100 and creative aurvana live!   thanks in advance! :)
  3. Norman314

    Is it possible to mod iPod nano 3rd gen for extra storage?

    Is there any way to mod the 3rd generation iPod nano so as to install additional storage capacity?  Obviously, Apple intends that this can't be done, but it seems like it would be pretty straightforward to just crack it open and replace the memory chip with a higher-capacity one.
  4. extrabigmehdi

    40$ solution for jogging

    Hi, what cheap solution ( around 40$ ) would you suggest for jogging , mp3 player + headphone. I need a headphone + player that stay on place when you run. The headphone must resist to sweat , and the player resist to shock when it falls accidentally on the floor. For the music I would listen...
  5. dreamLRG

    Sansa Clip and Cowon j3

    I know there is a huge price difference, but how does the sansa clip+rockbox match up with the cowon j3, in comparison with sound quality. Is there like a huge difference?
  6. marko93101

    Sansa Clip Plus with Rockbox..

    Hey! Just picked my very own Clip+ and i'm trying to rockbox it but getting no where.. It tells me i need firmware? I cant find it, any help?
  7. phntmsmshr

    thinnest DAP?

    Want to pair off something with a Practical Devices XM5, but would like to keep it as pocket-portable as possible. What are the options for a decent SQ? iPod nano 3rd gen? Fuze? GoGear Ariaz? Something by Samsung? Expandable memory would be ideal. Please no responses with that credit card player...
  8. Razva

    Sound quality, storage, battery life, FM radio, simple, small size MP3 player - what do you recommend?

    Hi folks!   I'm searching for an MP3 player that:   1) has a great sound quality 2) has at least 64GB of storage, but 128GB would be great! 3) has a great battery life. I'm sick of my iPhone which lasts 12 hours... 4) has an FM radio for when I'm tired of my music or want to hear...
  9. TacticalPenguin

    Recommend a small cheap flash DAP?

    Been out of the audio scene for a while for various reasons but am heading off to college at the end of august and figure I'll have a fair bit of studying time to sit around disconnected from the outside world. I had a little 8GB Sansa Clip in the past and I liked its SQ and capacity (and price...
  10. Audio WannaBe

    Sanza Clip+, Sanza Fuze, Cowon J3, Cowon S9 - Which has better output?

      Hey fellow Head-fiers, I was looking around for a DAP and saw the Hifiman HM-602, and it looked spectacular, but i'm still a audio-newbie and that's way out of my budget. For now. So, i narrowed it down to these four - Sanza Clip+, Sanza Fuze, Cowon J3, Cowon S9. I was wondering if you guys...
  11. notarealsoccerm

    Just getting started lots of questions.

    My M50s came in the mail yesterday and I've been loving the hell out of them. Everything just feels better, I can't put my finger on it because there's no one thing contributing to the experience more than anything else. Anyway I've got a few question about things in general.   Frequency...
  12. vic225

    Amp for Sansa Clip+

    Anyone using an amp with the clip + and what method do you use to hold the amp and the clip together??
  13. juantendo8

    FiiO E7 Amp Newb Help

    Hello, I have finally decided to commit to ordering the fiio E7. This is my first venture into the world of amplification and DACs (at least dedicated) and I have two quick questions to ask to help make the transition smoother.   1. I have a Cowon i7 and a Sansa Clip+ as my main portable...
  14. Dual1ty

    ATH-M50 + Logitech Z-2300 out + Sansa Clip+/Fuze portable

    Hello to the head-fi community! I have discovered this site around two weeks ago and you guys tremendously helped me with my headphone ($100-200 range/no amp (low impedance needed). I was just lurking around but now I decided to join the wonderful community. I was between the Ultrasone HFI-580...
  15. aurnob88

    Clip+ NOt working after charging

    I had my Clip (ROckbox 3.8) connected to my computer charging. I disconnected it and let it resynchronise. NOw its not starting up and when plugged into the computer, it doesnt even charge. ANyone know whats wrong.
  16. Sonic Atrocity

    Sansa Clip+ Input Jack Issues - Break It Open?

    I have a Sansa Clip+ (Rockboxed) and I am having trouble with the input jack. I use a mini to mini cable to connect it to my PA2V2 which runs to my Pro 900. The input is really annoying. I have to jam the jack from the mini to mini cable in really tight in order to not have the left channel fall...
  17. bdrhn1

    ipod shuffle 4g vs Sandisk Sansa Clip+

    What is the sound quality is better? I use Fiio E5 and Creative EP-630 Please help.
  18. weston

    amp for shure se530

    I have a Sansa clip with a set of shure se530s could anybody suggest a good amp for this combination?  thanks
  19. noname09

    Suggestions for Work out Earphones or IEMs needed

    Hi everyone,   I need to buy a pair of earphones or IEMs to use with the Sansa Clip+ for my work out. I do weight training as well as running. My budget would be $20 and under, though I could make it a bit more if it's worth the upgrade. I can get the MEElec M6 for $20, are they good...
  20. ProjectDenz

    Worth the upgrade?

    Hi I currently have a Sansa Clip and am wondering if it is worth upgrading my source. I use TF10s, IE8 and RE0 mainly in the order of how often I listen to each. Would it be worth shelling out an extra $240AUD for it or would the differences be very marginal or even a sidegrade?
  21. Jouho

    Better sound quality than iPod?

    Hi, I ordered Ultimate Ears 700's, and I'm interested in getting a small sized MP3 player.   I have an iPod Touch 2nd gen, but something smaller might be more suitable for cardio and even in school.   Are there any mp3 players out there that have better sound quality than the 4th Gen...
  22. kloan

    Anyone have the latest stable Rockbox firmware build for Sansa Clip v1?

    The file's not found when I try to download it from their site, and the installer can't find the file either. It's been missing for over a week, so I'm not sure when they're going to have it fixed.... meanwhile, my Clip has a partially installed Rockbox and won't boot properly.   Does anyone...
  23. M

    Cheapest place to get Sansa clip+?

    Where is it?
  24. py3r3str

    e2 or clip+

    I'm goging to buy mp3 player just wondering which has better sound quality e2 or cilp+ any opinion would be nice.
  25. danielghofrani

    s:flo2 or Sansa Clip + ??

    Hi there everybody a while ago I posted a thread and asked about a portable music player which delivers the best sound for my budget (around 500$) almost everybody agreed that I should buy a sansa clip+ and rockbox it. I was almost ready to get one but now I am reading these reviews saying...