1. NiRo

    Choosing new IEMs, upgrade from Klipsch S4s

    Hi guys, first time poster, long-time lurker here.   I'm basically after some advice from the experts of Head-Fi on what to do next really, my 21st is coming up and I'm looking for some audio gear! I'll admit I'm a bit of a noob in terms of audiophilia and hi-fi, but I'm an undergrad...
  2. lacucaracha1990

    Hi! I'm new to this forum and I have some questions regarding how to improve sound quality on my HD25-I IIs...

    I've been using these pair with my samsung yp-rb which i bought around 3 years ago...(it uses the SoundAlive equalizer if you are curious) i was pretty satisfied with it until recently when I tried the Sennheisers Amperiors with the new I-Pod Touch models at the Apple store, and i was shocked to...
  3. boyssboyssg

    MP3 player hardware

    How do I mod my player circuit to make it sound better. I own a china fake player.
  4. olear

    Is there a fix for a high pitched tone between songs with a RB Clip+ ?

    I don't hear this on OF, but on RB it's annoying.   Any suggestions?
  5. phntmsmshr

    thinnest DAP?

    Want to pair off something with a Practical Devices XM5, but would like to keep it as pocket-portable as possible. What are the options for a decent SQ? iPod nano 3rd gen? Fuze? GoGear Ariaz? Something by Samsung? Expandable memory would be ideal. Please no responses with that credit card player...
  6. Razva

    Sound quality, storage, battery life, FM radio, simple, small size MP3 player - what do you recommend?

    Hi folks!   I'm searching for an MP3 player that:   1) has a great sound quality 2) has at least 64GB of storage, but 128GB would be great! 3) has a great battery life. I'm sick of my iPhone which lasts 12 hours... 4) has an FM radio for when I'm tired of my music or want to hear...
  7. TacticalPenguin

    Recommend a small cheap flash DAP?

    Been out of the audio scene for a while for various reasons but am heading off to college at the end of august and figure I'll have a fair bit of studying time to sit around disconnected from the outside world. I had a little 8GB Sansa Clip in the past and I liked its SQ and capacity (and price...
  8. Audio WannaBe

    Sanza Clip+, Sanza Fuze, Cowon J3, Cowon S9 - Which has better output?

      Hey fellow Head-fiers, I was looking around for a DAP and saw the Hifiman HM-602, and it looked spectacular, but i'm still a audio-newbie and that's way out of my budget. For now. So, i narrowed it down to these four - Sanza Clip+, Sanza Fuze, Cowon J3, Cowon S9. I was wondering if you guys...
  9. DigitalFreak

    What's the best sounding DAP on the market ????

    Title says it all. Right now I'm using an iPod 160 gig classic and I also use a iPod touch 3rd gen 64 gig. They don't sound bad I guess but I'm sure there's better sounding out there. The hifi man DAP's are rather pricey and for a lack of a better description ugly. Considering I've talked to...
  10. aurnob88

    Clip+ NOt working after charging

    I had my Clip (ROckbox 3.8) connected to my computer charging. I disconnected it and let it resynchronise. NOw its not starting up and when plugged into the computer, it doesnt even charge. ANyone know whats wrong.
  11. Sonic Atrocity

    Sansa Clip+ Input Jack Issues - Break It Open?

    I have a Sansa Clip+ (Rockboxed) and I am having trouble with the input jack. I use a mini to mini cable to connect it to my PA2V2 which runs to my Pro 900. The input is really annoying. I have to jam the jack from the mini to mini cable in really tight in order to not have the left channel fall...
  12. joev789

    Why Rockbox A Sansa Clip+?

    Keep seeing in posts that rockboxing a clip is a good idea, does it improve the sound quality a lot or is it more to do with the EQ feature?
  13. ClieOS

    [Impression] Sandisk Sansa Clip+

    I have had this little player for a few weeks now and it seems to be the right time to write my impression down. About two years ago when I was thinking about upgrading my iriver Clix2, both Sansa Fuze and the original Clip had made the short list of contestants. The consensus at the time was...
  14. big_sound

    Fiio e5 impressions... (Quick Review)

    I just received my fiio E5 in the mail today. I must say, I am having some really mixed feelings on it. Using my se530's with it, I cannot hear any difference. The only difference is that I can crank the sound Incredibly loud. The only reason(I think) to use the bass booster setting without...
  15. FlatNine

    Finally Got a Cowon D2+ - I Should Be Happy

    Ever feel foolish after a gear purchase? I finally got a Cowon D2+. (I already had an iPod Touch 64GB version.) I opened the shipping carton from Amazon today, then the D2+ box itself. I saw what I thought was the top of an AC adapter, but it was the D2 itself. So, my first impression - small...
  16. M

    Cheapest place to get Sansa clip+?

    Where is it?
  17. Fernito

    Portable player for US$200

    Hi there!    Well, I want to buy a new audio player, and I count with a budget up to US$ 200. I will use unamped HiFiMAN RE0 phones and I'll be listening to lossless and high bitrate MP3 audio files. I'm aiming specially towards sound quality and expandability (i.e. memory card(s) support)...
  18. kloan

    Best sounding smallest player?

    I really need a tiny MP3 player I can use in the gym. I'd like something with the best possible sound, keeping in mind that I wasn't happy with the iPod Nano (kinda harsh, bright, lacking sub bass).   Something like a clip on, or can use an in-line remote would be great, but not absolutely...
  19. metllicamilitia

    Both the Fuze+ and Clip+ have arrived

    Still waiting on the Sleek's, but it seems to me that the Fuze+ has more bass in the sound. And as I don't like to be overwhelmed by bass, I have chosen to use the Clip+ and the Fuze+ went to a friend in desperate need of a new DAP.   Couple Rockbox questions though. If I install Rockbox...
  20. dilpal

    sansa clip plus vs nokia n91

    well, nokia n91 is known for its outstanding sound quality through earphones. i want to know how sansa clip plus stand against it. also if sansa player better than ipod nano????????? thanks in advance......
  21. metllicamilitia

    Rockbox EQ help (Klipsch S4 and Clip+)

    So, basically I listen to rock of all types. The S4's have a lot of bass. I would like to be able to bring up the treble, bring down the bass and bring out the mids. But I really don't know how to do this with Rockbox, this is the first time I have ever used Rockbox. Also, for some reason...
  22. metllicamilitia

    Quick help please (been out of the loop, another what to get, sorry)

    Well, about 6 months ago or so, my parents old dogs ate my SA6's. I was pretty upset, so I checked the Sleek site and noticed the SA6R's and the SA7's. A quick look at SoundEarphones showed the SA6R's. So I spent some money I shouldn't have and bought them. It's been so long since I've truly...
  23. Anaxilus

    Clip+ Rock'd or 6G Nano LO

    Like the title says.  Which would you pick or prefer and why?
  24. Raguvian

    Minibox F hissing?

    I just got a Minibox F in the mail today, and upon plugging in my headphones into the amp, the amp started hissing really loudly. Out of my Sansa Clip + there is no hiss, so I know it's not the mp3 player's fault. Why is the amp hissing so badly?   I mainly got the amp because the Clip +'s...
  25. TheRH

    What is the output level of the Sansa Clip+?

    Hello,    I have a Sony Walkman NWZ-E344, and the output is 5mw. What is the output level of the Sansa Clip+?   Thanks, RH