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Choosing new IEMs, upgrade from Klipsch S4s

  1. NiRo
    Hi guys, first time poster, long-time lurker here.
    I'm basically after some advice from the experts of Head-Fi on what to do next really, my 21st is coming up and I'm looking for some audio gear!
    I'll admit I'm a bit of a noob in terms of audiophilia and hi-fi, but I'm an undergrad studying Electronic Engineering with Music Tech so I'd like to think I have some idea!
    I'm currently running a Sansa Clip+ driving Klipsch ProMedia S4's, which I'm sort of enjoying but want better. Also, occasionally AKG K240s, but they tend to be my studio phones and are hard to drive from the clip.
    I move about a lot and when I'm not I enjoy falling asleep listening to music, so a low profile and portability is key.
    I listen to a pretty wide selection of music, including Indie/Alt/Rock (Radiohead, Bombay Bicycle Club, The Antlers, Foo Fighters), Acoustic (Andy McKee, John Butler), EDM (Daft Punk, M83, Burial), Punk( The Clash, Buzzcocks, Frank Turner)...
    I'd carry on, but I'd only end up listing my entire library [​IMG] Basically I'll listen to anything if I enjoy it enough and I can connect, but those are a selection of recent plays and all time favourites.
    Ideally I'm looking for a balanced response, with lots of detail, and a wide sound stage.
    I enjoy hearing things I haven't heard before in my music and also analysing mixes,
    Some of the phones I've been considering based on impressions are the re0's, HF5's, and the UE700s.
    But that's preliminary research, hence why I'm after advice!
    It's worth adding I hate microphonics. So any IEMs which are notorious for reduced microphonics are welcome. 
    However, I'm not keen on behind the ear IEMs (bit of a contradiction, I know)
    Also, while I've read that the Clip+ doesn't really need an amp, my laptops output is pretty horrible, so whilst technically the wrong thread, I'm open to suggestions for a portable amp/DAC which could compliment both my Clip and my laptop :)
    My budget is around £200 for both phones and an Amp/DAC (if you guys think I need one!)
    (And sorry for the long post!)
  2. jasonb
    Ill add a few too your list. GR07, GR01, R50. 
  3. NiRo
    Cheers for the input, I've had a look at all of them, but the R50 and GR07 are both over/behind the ear styles, which I'm not really into.
    The GR01 looked good initially, but on reading a number of reviews, microphonics appear to be a prominent issue.
    As mentioned in my first post I'm looking for IEMs to wear down, whilst still minimising microphonics if at all possible!
    Edit: I see you have some GR01's, can you confirm if microphonics are problematic when worn down?
  4. JonnyRocket
    Check out the Fiio E7 amp/dac.
  5. jasonb
    if you wear them over the ear there will be no microphonics. I actually wear them wire down, but with a shirt clip. With the shirt clip I have completely eliminated the issue of microphonics. I use them on power walks and on the treadmill at the gym with no issues. 
  6. NiRo
    Has anyone else got any suggestions?
    I looked further into the GR01s and they're not terribly easy to get hold of in the UK
  7. H20Fidelity Contributor
    Sony MDR-EX600 For natural and wide soundstage. Vsonic GR07 natural decent width soundstage and Yamaha EPH-100 which has more depth over width.

    Only one of them will be suitable for sleeping (GR07) and possibly Yamaha EPH-100. You could also check out Klipsch X10 if sleeping is a must.

    You can sum them up here if you haven't already. Get used to wearing IEM's over the ear, that's where the good ones are. :tongue_smile:

  8. willyk
    Shure ES-215s?  I just recently did research on this price range, almost went for the Klipsh S4s but guidance I found on the 'net pointed me to the 215s.
    Great sound stage, very low/zero microphonics.  Although I've yet to try, I think I could sleep just fine in the 215s, as they fit entirely inside the profile of my ear.
    Hope this helps!

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