1. RipD

    Any ~$100 player with digital out?

    I'm looking to find a decent portable player to replace my phone (Moto android). if possible, I'd like something that has digital out so I can upgrade to a better dac/amp combo in the future. Perhaps I'm missing it, but can't seem to find this. I'm using 16/44 Flac files for my media.    The...
  2. Sound Eq

    is there a portable gear that acts as a player and dac without connecting it by usb

    hello guys   I want to know if there is a portable player that can play music like flac files as analog files by itself and play the songs without me having to connect that player to a computer or a phone to get the analog outcome   thanks
  3. rappard

    So my Cowon iAUDIO 7 died....

    ....and I'm looking for a new player. Unfortunately I cannot find the discontinued iAUDIO 7 anywhere online - if anyone knows where to buy (even refurbished is fine) it I'm all ears. As for its replacement, here's what I'm looking for: Absolute requirements: - 8 GB or more - Flash-based...
  4. NDat

    Portable Music Player? <250$

    I'm thinking of getting a music player, I have few (but important) criterion for them.   Plays FLAC I have about 20gb of music, so anything above that Under 250$ Relatively long battery life (~5 hours min) Ships to Canada (please)   Are there any good music players that fit this...
  5. akkib89

    [resolved] Portable music @ 400$ , SQ being the main preference here.

    EDIT1:Will the 6gen Ipod nano do it or should I buy the J3 (because I don't want to compromise on audio quality). My budget can stretch a maximum upto 400 $ and that said, I will be grateful if head-fiers could provide me with other alternatives that I have failed to consider. Storage capacity...
  6. Hydrocharged

    Cheap upgrade from Galaxy S?

    Currently, I listen to my music through my Galaxy S (the original with the Wolfson) with the Voodoo sound enhancements. Sadly, my phone is dying and I'm looking to go to an older Blackberry (because I love the keyboard, I mainly use my phone for music and texting). I still want great sound...
  7. ablahblah

    Trying to zero in on a compact MP3 solution

    Hi all, I'm still relatively new to the audio scene, moving past itunes/zune/youtube and into the realm of ripping lossless tracks and such, and I'm trying to figure out whether it'll be worth it getting a lossless player or not.   I know Zune (which i use, with the Zune Pass subscription...
  8. woodfiend

    Ultra portable setup with full size Headphones.....?

       I hope I am posting this in the correct area (it was here or portable source)   Does anyone have any experience with making an ultra short cable (removable or not) and directly attaching a small player (Sansa clip etc.) directly to the cups or band in some way?    I am sure I saw a pic...
  9. novice1

    Sansa Clip plus will not unlock

    When I start playing a song, my Clip Plus locks.  I press and hold the home key, and a different screen appears for an instant, then locks again. I tried reformatting, and then reinstalling the firmware, but the problem is not fixed.  Anything I can do, or is it "broken"?  Thanks
  10. miwo76

    Is there a such thing as a 3.5mm to Optical cable?

    I have a Sansa Clip and an Audioengine D1 and thinking how to use them together.   The Audioengine D1 is a USB DAC/Amp that has as inputs a USB and an optical input.  The Sansa Clip is a small portable player with only a 3.5mm output jack.  The USB input is needed to power the Audioengine D1...
  11. samsquanch

    Shure SE535 or 1964 T?

    Since it's almost tax return time, and because the ibasso player costs too much for my tastes, I've decided to get some nice in ears.  At the moment I've got it narrowed down to either the Shure SE535 or 1964 T.    I listen mostly to 70's prog/psych/heavy rock, thrash metal, and early heavy...
  12. kasimka

    Another "up to 200$" thread

    Hi there! I'm new to this place although read the forum for a year or so.   Now I have HA-FX35, IE4 (which I don't really like) and Yuin PK-3 which I really like but I need much more isolation little more treble and maybe little wider stage. Budget up to 200$. Source is sandisk clip+, can...
  13. zzffnn

    “Wireless” Headphone with integrated mp3 player (w/pic for DIY)

    Pictures first:   Picture 1: I have moved the Sansa Clip to the inner headband and moved it down a little bit but it otherwise looks similar like this:       Picture 2: Creative Aurvana Live headphones with the removable single entry able and without the Sansa Clip:  ...
  14. red71rum

    Is it worth getting a portable amp to use with my Sansa clip+ and ipod 64 gig?

    I have UE Triple Fi 10's and Meelec M11+ for IEMs and was wondering if they would sound better when coupled with a portable amp when out walking and so on.  I remember reading in the reviews for the iems that I have that they would sound better with an amp.  If this is true, then what amp should...
  15. Geektox

    Dipping into audiophilia, have my DAP and semi-decided on an amp, now I just need the IEM's.

    Hey all!   I have recently decided to sell my Beats Studios, because 1) they are huge, and not very good for walking around with and 2) batteries are expensive, and 3) they are (apparently) not very good. So my ears are probably not yet attunated to the finer details of sound, considering...
  16. mdonova33

    Does the player matter???

    Will sound quality change depending on which mp3 player you listen to your music on? For example, the iPod Nano versus the Clip+. If so, best mp3 player for around $50?
  17. Baiton

    iPod Shuffle or the Sansa Clip+ Which one should I get?

    Pros/Cons of both? 
  18. ickle97116084

    Oh Noooo!!! The nozzle for my IE8 has came off - What to do!

    Hi all,   I was taking the Comply tips off my IE8s to swap them with new ones and the nozzle came off. Its has not snapped but turned in the housing and can be placed back on. This has no impact on the sound.   I got them as a gift from my wife for XMAS after I broke my Se310s again an...
  19. shonor6

    UE600 OR UE500 w/Fiio E5 Amp ?

    Hi. My budget is about 90$ tops, and I'm not sure if I should buy the Ultimate Ears 600, or the UE500 with a Fiio E5 amplifier. Which option is best for Rock music, to be played with the SanDisk Sansa, Zune or HTC Desire?   Thanks.
  20. Irbyz

    Sub-$50 IEMs to use with Clip+

    Currently purchased SanDisk Sansa Clip+ and looking for sub-$50 IEMs to compliment it with (may consider something slightly more expensive if it's very good option).   Atm i'm looking into ViSang R02 (Brainwavz ProAlpha), Brainwavz M1, Xears XE200PRO, Fischer Audio Silver Bullet, Fischer...
  21. lp026713389

    Studio headphone impedance

    Hey everyone,   I will be buying new monitoring headphones soon, and I just had a question regarding impedance.  Now it is my understanding that high impedance headphones need some kind of headphone amp to be able to reach proper listening sound volumes, but is that the only difference...
  22. Dan1121

    MP3 Player headphones

    Hi there, brand new meat here   Although I have been researching a lot recently into which headphones to buy, so I know a certain amount, I've only just now realised that maybe more expensive headphones are not worth it when used with an MP3 player not a hi-fi? Any help would be appreciated...
  23. thinkpol

    Separate volume for L and R ear

    I've got ~70% hearing loss in my right ear. My outer ear drum was removed (mastoidectomy) when I was young due to a severe ear infection that was caught too late. Is it possible to have separate volume controls for the left and right ear? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
  24. extrabigmehdi

    40$ solution for jogging

    Hi, what cheap solution ( around 40$ ) would you suggest for jogging , mp3 player + headphone. I need a headphone + player that stay on place when you run. The headphone must resist to sweat , and the player resist to shock when it falls accidentally on the floor. For the music I would listen...
  25. dreamLRG

    Sansa Clip and Cowon j3

    I know there is a huge price difference, but how does the sansa clip+rockbox match up with the cowon j3, in comparison with sound quality. Is there like a huge difference?