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Dipping into audiophilia, have my DAP and semi-decided on an amp, now I just need the IEM's.

  1. Geektox
    Hey all!
    I have recently decided to sell my Beats Studios, because 1) they are huge, and not very good for walking around with and 2) batteries are expensive, and 3) they are (apparently) not very good. So my ears are probably not yet attunated to the finer details of sound, considering that looking over my entire previous headphone collection/graveyard, my only kinda-audiophile-worthy headphones were the Klipsich S4s. But now that I will be coming into my money, I want to upgrade!
    I've always used a Sansa Clip+ as my go-to player, so I was glad to hear that it is so well-reviewed. I also have an iPod Classic 120gb that I just dusted off and was surprised to discover that its skipping issue had magically gone away. So those two will be my source gear. 
    I will also be getting an amp, and currently, I am looking at either a FiiO E6, or a FiiO E11. I will also be getting a Digizoid ZO someone down the line. Is this a good idea? Which amp would be better suited to my projected set-up?
    My current plan is to stick to IEMs only. Headphones are just not portable enough for me. I hate the feeling of having phones around my neck, and I don't much fancy carrying a bag for them either. Right now I am looking at the VSonic GR07s, and the Monster Turbines. Both retail for ~$170 CDN where I live (Stupid, expensive technology in Canada). I'm guessing the Vsonics will be slightly better?
    I listen to hip-hop almost exclusively, and will occasionally listen to some jazz or R&B to hear the sampled music in tracks I like. I don't need the bass to punch my head off, I prefer to listen to the tracks as they are.
    Thanks for your help! 
  2. eke2k6
    The GR07 is a miiile ahead of the Turbine in terms of sound quality. Also, they don't need to be amped at all so you can save some more money there. If you do decide to get an amp, the E11 is better than the E6. Good Luck!
  3. wullymc
    I have a Clip + and sometimes use an E6.  For most IEMs you shouldn't require an amp.  The Clip+ is pretty efficient at powering the iems.  I have always wanted to try the GR07s.  They should like an excellent deal!
    Being also from Canada and just reading on what you are considering I believe you might be buying from HeadphoneBar.   Just some feedback, that they are great!  Recommend them.  Bought my E6 and got it in about 4-5days.
    Best of luck finding that iem.  Just watch out for great deals.  They are out there to be had.  I am currently using Copper Pros which I love. 
  4. Geektox
    Yes, it's true! I am buying from Headphonebar, since I am located in Vancouver :) 
    I know that most IEMs don't require an amp, but I wanted to prepare in case I go gadget crazy one night and drop the cash for a pair of IE8s or Westone 3s or something (or god forbid, some customs). Now I am still a noob, but I figured these top-tier buds would need a little extra juice, right?
    The other reason being that I heard the iPods have a horrid  HO, so bypassing it with a LOD is the norm, is this true?

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