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Separate volume for L and R ear

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by thinkpol, Jul 2, 2010.
  1. thinkpol
    I've got ~70% hearing loss in my right ear. My outer ear drum was removed (mastoidectomy) when I was young due to a severe ear infection that was caught too late. Is it possible to have separate volume controls for the left and right ear?
    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!
  2. Ypoknons Contributor
    Yes, but it depends on how you want to get it. Are you using a computer, CD player, or so small portable device? I've seen some amplifiers with separate L/R volume controls, the Sennheiser RS180 wireless headphones have it too. In addition, if you're using a computer, I'm sure there's a channel balance option. 
  3. patsyleung
    Software sources have independent LR volume in addition to a balance fader in the mixer. Most home electronics (integrated amp, desktop headamp, etc.) will probably have balance knobs as well. It would help to know what your setup is.
  4. thinkpol
    I'll be using a computer primarily but I'd kind of like it to be an amp function if possible so that I could also use it with my Cowon S9 and Sansa Clip.
    Right now I'm looking at the Sennheiser HD650 with the Darkvoice 3322, Graham Slee Solo or Woo Audio 6. Do any of these have separate L/R? Are there any external volume control units that I could chain somewhere between source/dac/amp/headphones?
    For sound card I'm considering the Asus Xonar Essence or the X-Fi Platinum HD.
  5. Ypoknons Contributor
    Darkvoice 3322 has a separate L/R, so does Darkvoice 337. I know Goldpoint makes a dual mono volume control (SA4M), but it's really pricey.
  6. thinkpol
    Well then! That was a much easier fix than I expected. Thanks :) 
    Thoughts on Xonar Essence STX -> Darkvoice 3322 -> HD650?
    Will the internal headphone amp in the Essence diminish the purity/quality of the sound?
    I've heard that the Essence's DAC is great but that it doesnt work so well as an amp. Would it work better to get the ST (non-headphone amp version) rather than the STX?
  7. Ypoknons Contributor
    There should be line-out bypass, if you're worried, get a USB DAC in a separate enclosure. 
  8. patsyleung
    Both ST and STX have rca lineouts. It comes down to personal preference, price, and other intended use of features. Hope you enjoy whichever you choose!
  9. jtaylor991

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