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Sansa Fuze+

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by zeusaudio, Aug 18, 2010.
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  1. ZeusAudio
  2. tds101
    I saw this as well, mixed feeling on it: battery life 24hrs audio-5hrs video(MEH), capacitive controls(yuk), only goes to 16gb(what, no 32gb or 64gb???), micro SD expansion(nice), OLED screen(sweet), still small and easily pocketable(wonderful), inexpensive(major selling point, great codec support(speaks for itself).
    Not for me, but a decent Fuze update, and about time IMO.
  3. TheGame21x
    I just bought an 8GB Fuze too...
    ...that I don't regret buying having heard this news. The feature-set of the Fuze+ is decent, but it's seriously behind the times as a PMP in this market. But...then again, if you're buying a Fuze for something other than music playback you're doing it wrong so, who knows? It might be a viable option for those looking for an inexpensive music player.
  4. MrProggie
    Looks like they replaced the proprietary data interface with a USB interface. Not good if the line out has disappeared.
  5. Aslan123
    I'm a bit disappointed as I was mainly hoping for a full-size SDXC slot to replace the MicroSD.  I don't really need or want a capacitive touchscreen since I think this would be more of a hindrance for a DAP, and something that would also raise the cost of the player as well.  I guess I'll be keeping my Fuze v2 (since Rockbox support is almost done), unless the specs are completely wrong.
  6. hk1388


    I don't think its a touchscreen. It just has touch controls.
  7. Aslan123


    You are right, my mistake.  Even still, touch controls just seem like an added cost, unless they really managed improve the interface over the original Fuze. 
  8. mythless
    More importantly, is the new fuze+ using the same SQ design as the V2?
  9. Max F
    I would have no problem buying a regular Fuze knowing this news.  Not a good sign for Sansa. This Fuze+ better be cheap!
  10. epithetless


    Same here.
  11. mythe
    Well, at the least, hopefully this means a lot of fuzes on clearance sale!
    I personally really like the sansa's scrolling wheels, I can't stand the wheels on ipods... I just find them difficult to navigate with and I have to be so careful when operating it in my pocket so that I don't change the volume and stuff.
  12. Bennyboy71
    Doesnt look like a big deal this one.  If they've scrapped their completely annoying UI and made it a million times easier, and its cheap as chips still, well thats another matter. better if they've improved the sound quality too. But I'm not betting on any of that happening.
  13. Max F
    Here's hoping they update the regular Fuze firmware to match this new product.  Similar to what Microsoft does with the Zunes.
  14. epithetless

    That's be great, but don't count on it. They could have easily updated the original Clip line to match the Clip+'s firmware when it debuted (adding things like folder browsing), but they didn't.

    Well, from the product pic and description, it's clear that the UI is different. Whether it'll really be much better, though, remains to be seen...
  15. shigzeo Contributor
    Want better features? Rockbox. I will NOT use another Sansa product that isn't Rockboxable. The Fuze V2 is bad as it is even WITH RB because of the horrid controls and the toyish nipple. Sansa really don't know how to make a usable player in comparison to even the Cowon D2. I like RB, but otherwise, this is the worst mass produced player I've owned stock.
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