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Ear Bud Recommendation

  1. fallsroad
    I've gotten in the habit of taking longer and longer walks with my dog - good for me, good for him too.
    I've got an old Sansa 4GB player which looks like crap but works fine.
    I've also got a cheap pair of Sony ear buds that don't stay in my ears very well with or without the cushions), though they sound passably decent (but certainly not great).
    I like the hear-through nature of the buds so I have some awareness of my surroundings.
    Can anyone recommend a decent sounding pair of ear buds that can be made to comfortably fit the ears and stay in while walking?
    No idea what a reasonable budget would be, but let's say under $50, preferably considerably under 50 if such a thing exists.
  2. dziendobry
    The sennheiser MX line starting at the MX400 are great for the money, I have a pair of 580's coming this week that I got for 24 something shipped from amazon.  Your other excellent alternate are the yuin pk3's which you can get from head-direct.
  3. fallsroad


    How are the MX400's in terms of fit?
    Biggest problem I had was the left bud sliding out of my ear, with or without the little cushion on it.
  4. dziendobry
    They fit me fine, I haven't had any issues, they seem to be the same size as any other buds I have had.  The MX580's come with the foam cushion cover as well as  a ring that goes around it.  See the review here for an example of the donut things
  5. socrates63 Contributor
    I have the MX500, and while I have no fit or comfort issues, they are on the bulkier side compared to Yuin PK1 or Sony E888. I believe the MX400 are the same size as the MX500.
    Just going by the photos, it appears the MX580 offers a better fit than the older MX500.
    I don't know whether they are fakes or not, but you can get Yuin PK3 earbuds on ebay for $40 shipped. I only have the PK1, but PK3 seems to be well regarded.

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