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SanDisk debuts newly designed Sansa Fuze+ PMPs

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by uhnoel, Aug 31, 2010.
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  1. uhnoel
  2. Fantoon
    It's cheap, but I'm not impressed
  3. Aslan123
    $119 is quite cheap for a 16gb upgradeable DAP with Flac support, and the price will probably lower than the MSRP when it is released. However, I don't really see any need to upgrade from the Fuze I have already.  They didn't add any of the features I wanted, and it's disappointing that they keep promoting slotRadio and insisting that a 2.4" screen is good for watching videos. 
  4. Fantoon
    16 Gb of space and a 24h battery life is dissapointing as well

  5. Achmedisdead
    SlotRadio is definitely a fail. The SlotMusic cards, if they had been FLAC, might have been worth considering, but SLotRadio, no way.
  6. DKaz
    Everything I saw was a step backwards.
    1) No physical buttons other then volume rocker.
    2) No dock for LOD anymore.  Having the mini-usb is alright, but the benefit of the LOD is better.
  7. david1978jp
    Oh, no, it looks like Samsung Q2. That awful touch control - I hope not.
  8. Fantoon
    I, for one, hope for higher capacity players soon enough, with better battery life :)
  9. LingLing1337
    What a dumb move on Sansa's part. They completely ignored the features that the Fuze excelled at, and instead tried to jump on the iPod flashiness bandwagon with a slick new skin. Really disappointiong.
  10. Anaxilus
    Are you sure it doesn't measure blood glucose levels?
  11. yukihiro
    Read the title... Was excited to see what the Fuze+ would be like...
    Read the article... Am now disappointed...
    I'll be keeping my original Fuze until it dies. I love it... even if my friends don't really like it since they're used to iPods.
  12. prone2phone
    lets cry
  13. travisg
    According to ABI this thing should cure cancer,get rid of world hunger and be a free energy source all because lord knows it will have a flat RMAA graph
  14. Anaxilus


    Lol.  I guess that means it will sound better than the last Sansas that had flat RMAA graphs.
  15. lazybum
    Damn the price actually looks pretty good.
    Too bad it had to come with capacitive touch controls.
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