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Pictures of Your *Budget-Fi* Portable Rig (< $200)

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by trolldragon, Feb 13, 2013.
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  1. jasonb
    GS4 - Vsonic GR01
    Paid $85 for the phone, and $190 for the IEM's...
  2. tds101
    You guys are funny,...
  3. CBus Audio
    Rockboxed 4GB Sansa Clip Plus ($30 on Ebay),Silicon Case ($2 with shipping, Ebay) Meelectronics M6 ($15 on Ebay) and a 16GB Micro SD Card ($10 microcenter). I think this combo is one of the best all around values out there. Can use it anywhere and everywhere. I use it for working out, yard work, travel. Small enough to fit both in the case the Meelectronics came with.  Both are built like tanks and can take any abuse.  The M6 stays snug in the ears while the clip stays clipped on my shirt despite punishing workouts (I lift weights) yet are comfortable and unobtrusive. Affords good isolation, sound stage and sound especially after burn in. Just a great combo for those audiophiles with a limited budget or who wants to tote around in any situation and not feel guilty.
  4. andaca
  5. vivalacarlo
    The ipod remains the same but it is a tie between these headphones (Sony mdr v55s), Sony bass earbuds (forgot the names), and the sony mdr xb800s... Craving for that bass
  6. Podster
    LOL, I have to concur tds. I mean I, my wife and my 12 year old son all got free iPhone 4's with our 2 year shared data plan package but I'm now thinking my $239.00 AKG K702's are a budget
     system on my 4S[​IMG]
  7. Podster
    You're killing me here[​IMG] Not only am I thinking "Budget" means something along the lines of a $40 Clip, sub $30 Fiio E5 or E6, $10 L3 LOD and $9.99 Skull Candy's and at full retail, just because you got a deal on used stuff does not make it a budget system for those who work hard for the money just to afford a budget system much less someone of Rudi's stature and seemingly endless supply of portable gear funds[​IMG] (Maybe be a little envy tied to that[​IMG]
  8. tds101
    Yup Podster, we have "gear envy",...the curse of Head-Fi upgrade-itis is neigh upon us. If only our bank accts and wallets would comply.

    But, if you got a refurb, used, subsidized, or deep sale deal it counts here. IPhone for free? You're a #winner Imo.

    I'm waiting for a replacement nokia lumia 920 right now,... And I paid $99 when I got it. I'm probably going to sell it (because my faith in it is now shaken). I might either get an unlocked motorola atrix hd, get the htc one (#1 choice actually), or wait for the (rumored) motorola X phone.

    The latter 2 disqualify me,...sadly. :wink:
  9. Podster
    True Dat tds, I also feel ones budget is almost as subjective as audio itself because someone making 6 figures a year is going to have a different budget than someone making $32K a year and then you have parameters like a wife, two kids, a dog and six goldfish helping you manage that budget[​IMG] It's a hobby, as I said before I feel you can have decent sound playback for under $100 which would surely qualify as budget just about for any enthusiast in this hobby and I went back through the thread after my initial budget post and saw a couple pages in where the OP pretty much had posted some systems just under the $300 mark which for some especially in this hobby is budget, I know it sure brings a lot more little systems into the picture and for sure some sweet sounding kits. It's all good, if you can afford it and it sounds good to you then it should be here[​IMG]
  10. andaca
     i have unlimited budget but also in not interested in carring all that stuff and bricks with me , any idea?
  11. Luv My BASS 1
    I would get the Ultrasone Signature DJ ($1000) if you like bass and the Signature Pro ($1300) if you like a more balanced sound
  12. andaca

    yep, bass... but lol nothing like that over here ( Argentina...)  also im thinking  iem?

  13. Podster
    What, an Otter box full of equipment won't fit into any of your pockets[​IMG] LOL I know just what you mean as when I started in this hobby RS only had 4 amps and the idea of having an Otter box with a DAP, DAC and AMP started together inside the size of half a house brick was the future and slightly removed from my idea of portable pocket sized high end audio!
  14. Luv My BASS 1
    maybe try the AKG K3003?
  15. andaca

    not going to be able 2 buy that here, but im going to try! me likes. thanks!
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