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Earbuds Round-Up

  1. Willber
    Yes, they are the Fengru Silver under a different name (I have both). I don't know where you are but they are free delivery to the UK.
  2. mbwilson111
    That's a shame...I see it is free shipping to the UK. My husband has those and I remember him saying how good they are... but he also has the Kube, and the Sabia and the Snow Lotus... I don't know if he would say they are better or not. We all hear things differently anyway. He is away working this weekend but he might pop in here and say something. I doubt he has them all at work with him though. I never listened to the Silver. There are way too many buds and iems in this house. I hope we are not starting you down a similar path...
  3. Willber
    I think your hubby got the more expensive Silvers that I first got. I then found the new ones that looked the same for $4.99. We agreed that they were likely to be the same and we were both right!
  4. ShabtabQ

    From India and most sellers have free delivery except Fengru earbuds, NiceHCK and VE Clan.


    And it's ones own decision on what to buy and what not to buy and personal opinions if it's a waste of money or not, for me it's like my hobby I don't really listen to music that often but when I do I enjoy a lot and just by looking at audio gears I feel happy, it's something that I like to collect, I don't earn and all right now so basically whatever money I save I like to gift myself audio gears.
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  5. sareer007
    How does the fengru silver compare to diy sr2 in terms of staging, seperation and imaging ?
    Btw I have diy sr2 and I like it a lot
  6. Willber
    The Silver has a slightly wider soundstage and a 'bigger' sound while the SR2 has greater depth and air. SR2 has better separation and imaging, but not by a huge amount. I would say they overlap each other by about 90% in most areas. Both are great.
  7. sareer007
    What about the vocals ? The only thing I find somewhat lacking in sr2 is vocal clarity. Everything else is almost perfect for music and even better for movies and stuff like that.
  8. Willber
    I think the SR2 is excellent for vocals. The Silver has similar tonality but they are less forward. It is a bit more v-shaped.
    Having said that, I use EQ to accentuate the mids on all my buds.

    BTW, on the original store where I got them for $7.88 they are now $4.50:


    Last edited: May 25, 2019
  9. waynes world
    Your hype is strong. Although I don't really do IEMs anymore, they are 50% off or $18US which is within spontaneous purchase zone, and all of the reviews there seem very positive. My problem is that it seems that any cheap IEM I get, I invariably don't like. Maybe these ones are different...

    Hype crusher lol! :)

    The world is counting on you!
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  10. FastAndClean
    DT6 is better than TRN X6, i have both
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  11. Willber
    IEM alert! :unamused:
  12. snip3r77
    Black vido is SICK!

  13. basketballTaco
    Dear earbud friends, could you please recommend me an earbud close to the Rose Masya. I bought them a couple years ago and they are my only expensive earbud. I think the quality is excellent but my ears now find it hard to handle the high energy and forwardness of this earbud. I find myself limiting the volume because of this. The qualities I still find excellent are the soundstage of course, and the clarity, and great treble extension. I would like an alternate earbud that may keep those qualities, though with a more relaxed sound and same or slightly stronger low end. Surely, very few can match the soundstage, but I hope there will be no major gap in that area. Anything 100 USD or below I will be happy to look at. Oh and it would be great to see earbuds with detachable cable options if possible. Thank you.
    Last edited: May 26, 2019
  14. HungryPanda
    I have rose maysa and would recommend the Toneking T400s
  15. mbwilson111
    I should listen to those sometime if they are meant to be relaxing. I remember wishing they were mine when you got them because they look cool:) The name is actuallyToneking TO400s right?

    @basketballTaco if you do a search on aliexpress you will find several listings. The least expensive one seems to be a sale price... $71
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