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Earbuds Round-Up

  1. Dabbaranks
    Looks amazing, super jealous, share some impressions when you can! I probably won't ever get to spend that much on earbuds, even plastic Blurs are too rich for my blood, we're in car payment territory :')

    EDIT: never mind about the car payment I just realized those are the docomos drivers he’s modding, now I really want impressions
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  2. assassin10000
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  3. EarlytoBed
    Hey! I saw you recommending this in other post.
    Behind dot dot dot... perhaps something importante to add? (maybe too much for a n00b) If you want, I'm all ears!

    Yes I took a look at Vido and Quian25 from nicehck, I hear good things about they but I already have a cheap earbud (sennheiser mx170) and I was looking for something better -still cheap-, a good deal (something like the CCA C10 but in earbuds) or deals.

    I listen to The clash, Ramones, Led Zeppelin, Metallica first albums.. but I often listen M.Davis, Coltrane or Mingus.. also Pj Harvey, Tindersticks, Jack white... Morphine of course (nickname) so I believe this is not going to be very helpful!

    K's.. Rw-9.. (vido?)

    Thanks both for the help!
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  4. HungryPanda
    of all of that list I would pick up the K's 64 every time,it just sounds so good
  5. purplesun
    SHE3800 or Vido (When letting it rip in lo-fi!)
    E808+ (For soundstage)

    Buy all 3 for less $30. Others should have better recommendations further up the price range.
  6. Chris674
    I'm starting to panic that the Kube might not return and I ONLY got a single pair. Listened tonight and I always want it as an option in my stable. Was wondering if anyone had any comparisons with a couple of other buds that I feel are described similarly. Specifically the Sabia (which are on their way) and the Willsound MK1. Is there a chance that they have interchangable qualities or are the Kubes as unique as I think they are?
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  7. Ira Delphic
    I'm with you on those choices Purplesun. The one copy of the SHE3800 that I have (a friend recabled) continues to surprise me in a good way! The E808+ is a bit sibilant but has incredible resolution for the price. But like the others has a flimsy cable and cheapish jack, which do not impact sound quality.

    Was just listening to the 2017 Nicehck Graphene clear shell, balanced, maybe a little bright, and that's pretty amazing too. That would be great based on what the OP listens to. I doubt the OP wants anything with "2017" in the product name! And I'd ask Nicehck to lower the price.
    I think a Faaeal is really doing earbuds right these days. Still consider the 1.0 or 1.0+.
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  8. jogawag
  9. Chris674
    Vido is a perfect recommendation. Never thought about the 808+ for soundstage but you are absolutely right. Listening to Kind of Blue and Sketches of Spain sounded MASSIVE.
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  10. purplesun
    What do I know? I haven't bought a new earbud since early 2017.
    I am the one-eye/ear king/idiot in the land of newer earbud releases.
  11. Ira Delphic
    I was the same way - my purchases ended in (late) 2017, and now back getting some new earbuds. Maybe our old ones are no good compared to the new? Only one way to find out:jecklinsmile:
  12. chinmie
    Tonally it is really close, especially when using thin foams or none at all. the PK16 has less intimate mids, and less top treble BA sparkle that the Ety has. still quite a feat, as that is not easy to accomplish even with other IEMs. this is and earbud, and a mid tier price at that.
    only the Liebesleid has more treble sparkle than even the Ety, but to some it might come across as "too much seasoning" and "not studio monitor accurate"

    switching between them is seamless and require little to no adaptation period. as you already know since you have one, sometimes switching from/to ety from other iems (even more so from earbuds) require a bit adjustment period, or else the ety would sound too thin, or the other too boomy.
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  13. golov17
    After burn much better.. recommended
  14. Matarro
    Nice that the CM2000Ti worked out for you in the end!

    Speaking of burn, the MK1 are the first earbuds I buy that really must burn in. While some of my previous buds might have improved slightly after a few days they have been OK out of the box but the MK1 were unlistenable at first. No bass, tinny, weak. After only an hour I started to see a change and now a day later they are almost on the same level as my MK2. I'm going to give them a few more days before comparing them, if they improve just a tad more I think they might take the top spot.
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  15. EarlytoBed

    Thanks purplesun I'll take a look at these!

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