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Earbuds Round-Up

  1. waynes world
    The RW-9's sound fantastic. A bit more presence in the mids which sounds really nice (along with great bass and highs). Very engaging. For $15US. Sheesh.
    Last edited: Feb 6, 2019
  2. Willber
    Just to clarify my preferences. I use EQ so signature is not that important to me - I just change it to what I like which is mid-centric. Soundstage and separation/imaging are my priorities when buying earphones and they are the major basis for my opinions. As has been said many times, this hobby is very subjective.
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  3. SunshineSketch
    I see, I don't EQ anything ever. I feel if you do that the headphones lose their unique signature and there's no point in having several different types
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  4. Willber
    I see what you mean, and most people might agree with you, but I would rather have lots of earphones that I like listening to than not many! And there are still subtle differences that keep things interesting. Each to their own.
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  5. Daegalus
    Having trouble keeping up with all the Earbuds. I am trying to find one as I am having pressure problems in my ear-canals, so IEMs are becoming a problem, and over-ear headphones are getting hot and heavy. So I am looking into Earbuds, as I didn't realize they had gotten so much better.

    What is currently the best I can get on Amazon with prime shipping? I want a pair sooner rather than later while I wait for the RW-9, X6, and Massdrop VE Monks to arrive.

    RIght now I can find only the SL 1.0 (not + CE) as a prime shipment. Anything else I should look at?
    Last edited: Feb 6, 2019
  6. chinmie
    yup, earphones/headphones will have their own unique characteristics in their sound. even if we can similarly match the EQ response, we will not be able to match their driver attack speed, soundstage depth and width, etc. that's why to some of us owning multiple forms, driver combinations, etc is necessary, and because it's exciting (not to mention addictive)
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  7. waynes world
    I had the same issue with iems (also sparking up tinnitus), and earbuds have been a blessing.

    So you might ask why I just ordered these bass cannon iems?:

    I don't know, but it has something with making a mistake and heading back into the Discovery Thread lol. Anyway, we'll see how that goes!

    Back on topic...

    Sorry, I can't help you there. Hopefully someone else can. Good luck!
  8. seanc6441
    It's important because they either say no warranty and you don't buy, or they say there is a warranty of x amount of time and that puts them in the position of LYING to customers. Which will severely hurt their business if word gets around such practices are happening.
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  9. iJay
    Just pulled the trigger on SL 1.0 transparent. Should have them next week. :ksc75smile:
    My only earbud currently is Monk plus so I'm interested in listening to this guy.
    I have a Cowon Plenue D which has great EQ, and I tend to tweak slightly depending on my mood and music selection. I have a live sound background so I can't 'not' tweak speakers!
    I'll report back once I've had some time with them.
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  10. palestofwhite
    Couldn't resist...

    K's Samsara and Liebeslied incoming...
  11. Matarro
    I talked with Willy (WillSound) on facebook and it was no problem getting a short length cable from him. I just ordered mmcx version of MK1 and MK2 with a 50cm balanced VJC cable. Now to be patient and hope the post office doesn't dick around for two months before delivering like last time.

    Willy seems like a good guy btw. He's still active on this forum sometimes?

    Btw, I'm so satisfied with my Vunbuds that I thought I wasn't going to order any more buds for a while but see what happens when you enter this thread? :p
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2019
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  12. CheeseInTheSky
    Ok, so i got the JVC and the Docomo's
    The JVC have a crappy cable i need to recable it, but the sound is decent although i havent tested it fully yet but it doesnt seem to be anything special imo.
    The Docomo however sound pretty awesome, i also love the fit on these buds *they are smaller than the usual* and they are currently my daily drivers.
    The sound seems to be balanced and very detailed, the bass is decent but nothing to crazy like the Vido's although the Vido sound very muddy compared to these.

    It's clear the Sabia V6 and the Docomo's are on top right now for me.
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  13. palestofwhite
    Tell me about it... :weary:
    My Liebesleid is coming from Indonesia as well and they're know to take a while even for a neighbouring country.
  14. viatraco
    @golov17 , @mbwilson111 You have Zen Lite (not LL)... Is it worth 80$ for new ones ? On VE website was even for 148$, but unavailable now.

    Are they step up over Asura 2.0s ? Are they significally worse than full Zen 2.0 ? Especially in terms of soundstage and "pretending" full open cans :)

    Thank you in advance for your impressions.
  15. chinmie
    last time i purchase an audio gear from carousell Singapore, i rather fly there and meet the person for COD. waiting for shipment is unbearable, had to have it immediately :dt880smile:
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