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Earbuds Round-Up

  1. viatraco
    Ouch...it is not good for me. I thought that Zen Lite is better than LL, which was added for free to more expensive stuff...
  2. mbwilson111
    The Zen Lite has a much higher impedance than the LL. Which is better will depend on the individuals sources, ears, and preferences.
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  3. seanc6441
    I really didn't like the Zen L tbh, very odd tonality and a bit veiled sounding. But that's just me.

    Infact I pretty don't think I liked any of the VE earbuds i the 'lite' shell. But I think the tuning on both the zen lite and monk lite is really not my taste. I preferred the monk plus and I'd probably prefer the 2.0 over the lights I would imagine.
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2019
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  4. waynes world
    And then there's the grandaddy Zen 1.0
  5. chinmie
    i recently let go my Zen 2.0. apparently i like the Willsound MK300's sound more
  6. j4100
    Mine have red shells and a black cable. They certainly don't sound muddy to me, though they're not my faves. I only get to listen to music at lunchtime at work, so I haven't bothered bringing better buds in, plus it's just streaming from my phone.
  7. Matarro
    I'd be happy if everyone could refrain from talking about Willsound's buds until it's too late for me to add to my order! At this rate I'll end up with one of each pair! Mercy! :D
  8. purplesun
    I recommend you go have a read on the sound science threads.
    After that, you won't feel like buying any earbud/IEMs/headphones ever again!
    Does it for me all the time. :)
  9. HungryPanda
    Or start making your own and you are golden
  10. viatraco
    What is the price ?
  11. Dabbaranks
    6A5B6669-BCDC-4CDB-BAA2-4C550A48FAE6.jpeg The only day I forget to bring something mmcx to work, these show up,

    They smell great?
  12. Matarro
    To be honest I rarely delve outside of this thread and the Radsone one apart from reviews. I went for a quick browse on the sound scince forum, not sure what to make of it yet. :thinking:

    $30 per earbud, $25 for the cable and $15 for shipping so $100 all in all.
  13. waynes world
  14. waynes world
    @ClieOS, please don't post a nice picture in the Radsone thread of the RW-9's recabled with a nice 50cm 2.5mm cable. It'll kill me lol!
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  15. ClieOS Contributor
    ...oh wait, I just got an idea...:imp:

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