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Earbuds Round-Up

  1. Blueshound24
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  2. Dabbaranks
    Just got my Willsound Mk2 with VJC cable in 2.5mm balanced, it came in a white shell instead of the black one in photos, doesn't bother me and the paint coating feels great! Can't wait to listen to these more, but so far I'm very impressed with the detail and it's composure at higher volumes. Also at the price the build quality is fantastic, the 2.5mm plug used is great, the cable is very supple, light, and malleable. Will definitely buy more in the future.

    I'm listening to the new James Blake album through Jriver out a Fiio q5, super happy to have these in my work rotation :ksc75smile:
  3. chinmie
    it's a possibility with these chifi gears. there's an anecdote between my group of friends, that with chifi the first batch is usually the best, because after a couple of runs they might run out of parts and start substituting and altering the sound/quality in the process. this is not always true of course, and also this is not restricted to chifi gears only, as i found certain guitar gears/effects pedal also have this tendency of silently changing the parts without informing it

    haven't tried the PMV, but the Kanas Pro is great, especially if you like Harman response sounding earphones. it's like a more smoother/polite ER4XR. go with the regular if you like more bass attack and treble bite. but seeing you already bought the Pro, i don't think owning the regular too would be necessarily efficient
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  4. Hououin Kyouma
    I don't have the new SL1.0+ but that's my experience on the old :sunglasses: It made me buy 5 of them lmao :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:
    EDIT: NEVER use any foams on SL 1.0+! :)
    Last edited: Jan 26, 2019
  5. Hououin Kyouma
    Its treble cut my ears so badly so I threw Datura X to the trash immediately :beyersmile:
  6. seanc6441
    I've recently rediscovered his work when I downloaded all his albums in lossless. Really love his music style, the new album I have yet to listen to but all his stuff sounds excellent to me.

    Especially with some great dynamic bassy earbuds like the mk2!
  7. silverfishla
    That’s funny, I think the Datura X is their best bud...but I don’t have the 1.0, just the 2.0 Snow Lotus and Narciccus.
  8. waynes world
    Tried them with no foams. Doesn't work for me (no seal, no bass). Donuts seems to be great.

    I'm a bit more tolerant than you are lol, but the highs can at times be problematic for me as well.

    Snag the 1.0+ while you can and let us know what you think!
  9. Hououin Kyouma
    Donut is acceptable but the full foams make SL 1.0+ sound darker and thinner for me, mids are also recessed :thinking:
  10. Willber
    The SL 1.0+ isn't available at the moment. Faaeal told me they might produce another batch next month.
  11. toear

    Hmmmm.. weird I'm wondering if we even have the same bud or if they drastically changed the design...

    My datura x is great! Definitely on the warm side but great bass and excellent instrument separation... Highs I would say are laid back and smooth...
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  12. Hououin Kyouma
    Wth? Are there many different versions of Datura X? My X's treble is wayyyyyy too harsh that I can't stand :confused:
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  13. BadReligionPunk
    Yea. Makes me wonder. My datura X was hot trash. Harsh highs and grainy mids. Female vocals were the worst I have ever heard. Somehow I think I lasted an hour with it, browsing through different files before I banished it to the drawer of abandonment.

    Seems like this is a polarizing bud.
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  14. mbwilson111
    Mine sounds great with full foams to me. Everyone is different. I can't use donuts at all. I can get them on and if someone puts them on for me, they shift in weird ways as I am getting the bud into position. They do not stay in the right place at all.

    I have no problems with the treble. I think the Datura X sounds great. I ordered mine after listening to the one my husband had. Liked it enough to have my own.

    If you really put it in the trash you should have at least seen in someone else wanted it. If it was defective you could have probably at least arranged a partial refund. If it is not literally in the trash and you have it somewhere, consider putting in new drivers.
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  15. palestofwhite
    I thought I was the only one having issues with shifting donut foams. They only stay in place for about two to three wears before shifting off too much for my liking. Though I'd say they sound really good in some instances. But maybe because I'm more lenient, full foams are acceptable to me even if it alters the sound a little. I can never do without foams, even with the MX500 shells. My ears are really big that way.
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