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Earbuds Round-Up

  1. Danneq

    I think it's hard to find a "one size fits all" earbud even if you are looking for a neutral sound...
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  2. chinmie
    some that i have tried and their "slightly tilted towards" signature
    SWD2+ (neutral bright), Yinman 600 (neutral warm), Puresound PS100-500 or PS100-600 (neutral sub bass), Blox TM9 (neutral midbass)
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  3. waynes world
    It may not be neutral, and it may not be TOTL, but all you need is the Svara L 32ohm. :imp:

    (sorry - I like them - couldn't resist!l
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  4. DBaldock9
    That's what I've been using for part of today - listening to Postmodern Jukebox videos, and watching "Eureka" on Amazon Prime.
    The other part was using the RYGMR RY4S (UE cable).
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  5. HungryPanda
    I have been using recabled Sony MDR-E808+ earbuds today after irritating my left ear with goddam iems
  6. waynes world
    Not good! I wish I could do iems, but they are just to problematic for me (not to mention that they isolate too well and I would get yelled at a lot lol). Thank goodness for earbuds!
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  7. abhijollyguy
    Thank you everybody for your inputs and increasing more confusion.:ksc75smile:

    So far being suggested by FM are:

    Cypherus ZoomFred
    Yinman 600
    Puresound PS100-500 or PS100-600
    Blox TM9

    Which one has smaller shell?
  8. rkw
    How would you rate Blox TM9 and Yin with respect to neutrality?
  9. chinmie
    they all (except the yinman) have the same mx500 type shell. they all have the same diameter (if I'm not mistaken)
  10. chaiyuta
    Photo album of "Thai Earbud Fanclub Meeting No.1" that is full of eye candy ===> Link
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  11. seanc6441
    If you want a smaller shell the SW Dragon 2 plus is probably the way to go then. The rest mentioned use mx500 type shells which are standard-larger fitting for most.

    But using mx500 shells with thin foams is pretty comfortable for my ears even though I like smaller sizes usually. Mx500 with thick foam is a bit more compressed for me...
    Last edited: Nov 24, 2018
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  12. chaiyuta
    K's Bell-Ti pre-order batch had been sent to pre-order customers with apparently positive feedbacks. Its outer diameter of front cover is 16.1 mm, therefore it might be suitable for some people who love a smaller housing than a MX500 housing. More Pictures is here.
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  13. abhijollyguy
    So finally, the Yinman 600 and SW Dragon 2 Plus have small shell.

    Any other TOTL earbud with small shell with neutral with a very slight lift in mid-bass without mid-range bleed?
  14. Danneq
    Haven't heard Yin, but TM9 is quite neutral. So I should have included that as well. I just find ZoomFred and SWD2+ to be more energetic in different ways while TM9 is more laid back.
  15. golov17
    what about Campfred 2? Still not sure about order CF2 instead of Zoomfred..

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