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Earbuds Round-Up

  1. Danneq
    CF2 has got the same type of "analogue" sound that ZF has. CF2 is a bit more "fun" sounding though. Perhaps just slightly less neutral than ZF but not at all by much. Both are just great and the cable on CF2 is better for portable use.
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  2. golov17
    Oh yes, cable is important to me, thanks for reminding me.
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  3. Marcos Fontana
    Hello folks,

    I know that is a bit of topic but I need the opinion of yours about my burn in process. In my burn in process I'm using 2 raspberry pi playing pink noise for 40m in intervals of 2 hours. So, play 40m and rest 1h20m. I use 2 because I can run in parallel, with 2 earbuds at the same time. The burn in process runs for 8h (40m*12 = 8h) a day. What do you think about? Am I getting to easy with the earbuds?
  4. BadReligionPunk
    Best female vocals under $19? And I guess what I mean by that is is there anything under 19 that puts female vocals out in front of everything, is natural and still has good low end?
    Last edited: Nov 25, 2018
  5. FastAndClean

    RY4S silver cable is very good
  6. BadReligionPunk
    Is there a big difference between silver cable and UE? I have ry4s UE w/ brown cable? I enjoy it very much
  7. FastAndClean
    i have the blue cable and the silver, they sound very different, i dont have the brown version, but if it is like the blue they are like completely different models
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  8. seanc6441
    Yinman has the same diameter front cover as mx500 earbuds but the shell shape is different (and it's a wood shell). SW is a pk shell so it is indeed smaller and a favourite for many in terms of fit and comfort (most find it a very snug fit and comfortable to use for hours on end, myself included).
    Last edited: Nov 25, 2018
  9. seanc6441
    Speaking of the Ry4s UE I decided to try open up the second bass port with a 1.5mm drill bit.

    The result was very positive although not perfect. It brought extra power to the low end thus shifting the balance slightly towards a more neutral/balanced tonality (similar to that of the Mk2). Low vocals as a result sounded slightly fuller. Sub bass improved noticably. The highs became slightly less shrill.

    I would have preferred a 1mm opening, i feel 1.5 is a little too loose and imaging suffers a little very akin to the mk2 but still better than mk2 slightly in that regard.

    1mm would be a perfect middle ground I feel. I was using them with thin foams, which previously were a bit too thin for the ry4s because of the agressive treble, but with the port open I felt thin foams suited perfectly as the bass was fuller and the balance was near perfect in that regard.

    I'll try find a 1mm drill bit and use another mx500 shell to test it. I think I'll enjoy the result.

    Another option was to cut slightly the inner foam ring restricting airflow to the driver, most mx500 buds have that horseshoe shape foam filter but the mk2 has only the filter on left and right side with the top and bottom open. Copying that on the ry4s brought about a slightly recessed soundstage, also had a similar effect in increasing bass slightly.

    Not sure how I like the effect, makes the ry4s a little more laid back, will test further.
    Last edited: Nov 25, 2018
  10. doggiemom
    Agree with this! ZoomFred initially was bright, but has mellowed over time. ZF beats CF2 on bass and soundstage, but the less assertive treble on the CF2 is to my liking. If I had to choose, I'd pick CF2 even though ZF is "better"....... the CF2 is my go-to for portable use. I've actually thought about getting another pair, because I've had a couple of close calls with the 2.5 mm connector bending in my DAP......
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  11. chaiyuta
    I recommend super kryptonite 32 over SWD2+. So far better detail retrieval, instumental positioning and relatively smaller vocal image. For my preference, SWD2+ vocal image is too over-sized and almost 70%of soundstage is vocal image. YMMV
  12. abhijollyguy
    Could you please elaborate your post a little more in sound comparison?
    What is the price range of Kryptonite?
  13. chaiyuta
    Refer to my previous post, here. Its price is 9650THB based on this fb post. Though this price is for sale in Thailand. To ship internationally, the total price would be higher than that. Please PM to Crystalcore Audio fanpage direct for actual total price.
  14. subwoof3r
    After spending few hours with my Blox YIN this week-end (between my burning table), I can say that the black point is finally (still?) the highs/treble extension.
    It lacks details, they are inoffensive (Although it is cool for long time listening without being tired). I did a test and YIN shows their limit to approx 14400Hz.
    I also feel like there is a slight bump in low-mids freq, which is the famous "improvement" from the TM9 I would say.
    Other than that, we approach the perfection. I really feel like YIN is much less laid-back than TM9.
    Soundstage is probably what impress me so much on these. It is almost the same as TM9 but a bit more large this time, deep is the same.
    I still really appreciate the natural and transparency of those earbuds, that now Blox has found the right magicness.

    Overall, I'm happy with my YIN :)
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  15. maxxevv
    New deliveries from 11.11 :ksc75smile:


    ToneKing TO600 and Sabaj Da3.

    Put it through a 2 hour burn-in before trying with a few test tracks. The TO600s are pretty impressive on first listen, but of course, its highly dependent on the position they are worn.
    Used them with cables over ears and facing slightly forward on the ears.

    They seem to do everything very nicely. Coherant and tonally excellent for female vocals. Good nice tight bass for classical and pop too. Sarah Mclachlan and Stacy Kent sure sounded lush.
    Oh, separation is very good too.

    They do present the tracks in the way I wore them, like mini open headphones. Very open and engaging sound stage.Very "clean" sounding without being "bright".

    On a side note, they do not smooth over sibilance that is present in tracks but they are not overtly sibilant either. For stuff that I cannot hear sibilance on the Sennheiser HD6XX, I don't detect it here either.

    But these are my subjective hearing assessments, nothing really to compare with except my Senfer PT15s.
    Paid US$68.75 during the sale after combination of coupons and discount. I wouldn't have bought them at their normal asking prices of about US$100/-.

    Will have to put them through more hours to give a more detailed assessment.

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