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Earbuds Round-Up

  1. jogawag
    I finally received the earbuds of "Diy SR2 16ohms TPE-wire" in the link below.

    Before, I purchased and liked "Diy SR2 PRO 16ohms Silver plated-wire" which uses the same driver, so I recommended this to everyone in this forum.
    However, because I began to feel that the treble of this earbuds sounds too sharp and strong, I changed the connection to the copper wire cable of Shozy Cygnus. And it became a sound signature of V-Shaped which is sufficiently beautiful treble and strong bass, although this is Docomo/PK Shell type earbuds.
    So I purchased the earbuds of "Diy SR2 16ohms TPE-wire" version which uses copper wire .
    It is burned-in for only 20 hours yet (100 hours needed), but it has a similar sound signature.
    I think this has the best V-Shaped sound among earbuds of 16ohms Docomo/PK Shell below 50usd.

    I could purchase it at 12usd by negotiation to seller, I will recommend strongly this earbuds for 11/11.
    As earPad I recommend you double Pads as to put the DounutsPad on the VE thin Pad.

    Perhaps It is seemed that I am boy who cried wolf...:ksc75smile:

    (Before, I'm very sorry to those who purchased the "Diy SR2 PRO 16ohms Silver plated-wire".
    But they can make sound similar by changing to connect to the copper cable like fengru.
    By the way, the driver of "Diy SR2 16ohms" Is 11.33usd in the link below.
    Last edited: Nov 7, 2018
  2. Daniel Vilariño
    Hello guys, any experience with Toneking Unicorn (https://penonaudio.com/toneking-unicorn.html)? Is there any difference betwen Unicorn, TO65 and Tomahawk Z? I'm interested on those for 11.11 but there is not too much info. Thanks
  3. vetsin
    Just an update on my TO200. The sound definitely did change, a lot actually. From being veiled at the beginning it is now very detailed and it requires very low volume on my LG V20, just 15 is enough for some songs despite the high impedance.

    By the way, thanks @HungryPanda for the recommendation!

    @RodRevenge , after having this earphones for a few days, I'm definitely convinced burn-in does occur, although not for all earphones/cases as I also noticed no change in a pair of earphones I gifted my brother. And I'm still having some problems with the high's in this pair so I can't say that it "always end up where the person wants it to end up". I'm using EQ to balance things out and the TO200 does respond well. I also agree placebo exists.

    As for how manufacturers know if the finished product is up to par they most likely rely on ensuring the quality of parts and workmanship and some random testing.
    Last edited: Nov 7, 2018
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  4. nxnje
    Then you're sayin your opinions about a pair of DIY sr2 earbuds, but everything is after modding or placing more pads here and there..
    But how do they sound at a stock status?
    I mean i can make quite every headphone bassy by equalizing and modding but the stock status is the one which makes the grabbing decision or not.
  5. jogawag
    Do you mean that a stock status is naked earbuds?
    If you hear naked DIY sr2, it will sound more sharp treble and more strong mid-bass than the status with pads.
  6. nxnje
    Not naked.
    Stock single pads, flat equalizer, stock cable.
  7. jogawag
    So it will sound more mild treble and more weak bass than the status with double pads.
    But I always hear every Docomo/PK type earbuds using double pads.
    Last edited: Nov 7, 2018
  8. singledot02
    torn between :
    fengru diy pk1 2.5mm 150ohm (is this Linsoul BLD150?) = $17 in my country
    or Willsound MK2 = $37 in my country

    all rounder HipHop Metal RNB POP
  9. cocolinho
    don't know DIY PK1 but WS MK2 are really great earbuds & a bargain for the requested price.
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  10. groucho69
    Not sure I could buy from Chitty Store.
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  11. chaiyuta
    Thank Cross Lambda Audio to make me a special Monk Lite Mod with his new, which is not officially launched, SPC Starlight project~.

    Monk Lite SPC Starlight 01.png
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  12. BrunoC

    I tried to find info about these two earbuds, but not much is available.

    Anyone knows something about the sound definition and signature, quality of bass, medium and highs?

    - FAAEAL Rosemary 150ohms
    - Toneking Ros1

  13. mbwilson111
    Sure you can. We did.
  14. mbwilson111
    I have both and like them both. I am not good at comparing. I will ask my husband @HungryPanda if he has time to try later.

    Right now I am unable to stop listening to my Snow Lotus 1.0+ that arrived today:)
  15. BrunoC
    Thanks, that would be great! I trust Pandas.
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