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Earbuds Round-Up

  1. RevPizzaguy
    Just wait until you let the SL 1.0+ burn in for several days. I found they really opened up and evened out after about 100 hours total. I still haven't been able to stop listening to mine...
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  2. mbwilson111
    Three albums in....have to stop...need lunch...almost 5pm, LOL. Dire Straits sounds great!

    I will leave them burning in.
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  3. waynes world
    I'm willing to wager that the fengru diy pk1 2.5mm 150ohm is the same as the linsoul. But nobody has verified it yet.

    Anyway, both the fengru's and the willsounds are awesome. The biggest difference imo is that the fengru's are more neutral/balanced, whereas the mk2's have more bass/mid-bass and therefore warmth. I'm not sure which would be better for your genres, but the obvious answer is to get both :)
  4. seanc6441
    He didn't mention EQ though. Modding and swapping foams is common place in this thread because you are tweaking $15 earbuds so its low risk high reward. Especially since it's easy to change the sound profile with mods.

    For instance I would never recommend stock Rose Mojito, it's harsh sounding and lacks balance. But a few tweaks with foams, a recable maybe and it's one of if not my favorite earbud...

    As long as he doesn't lie and say his unit is stock when it's not, i don't see the harm.
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  5. singledot02
    You are making me broke man.. If you only have to choose 1, what would it be? :)
  6. waynes world
    Choose one over the other? Sorry, can't be done lol. Do you have a balanced source though?
  7. nxnje
    Seems like you didn't understand what i meant as you quite described my message quite as a criticism or offense.
    I mentioned EQ my self, and didn't say he did, just because i intended this: if i ask for an earbud, it means i'm searching for an earbud that sounds like i ask just out from the box. Other mods are appreciated but after a neutral description of the earbud just out of the box, with stock tips and stock cable.
    He did then, so i'm quite happy.
  8. HungryPanda
    Toneking Rose 1 Bass is quite light, Mids are very good, Treble very clean not sibilant. Sound stage is wide, Signature is balanced and bright. Great for folk and singer-songwriters.

    FAAEAL Rosemary 150 ohm, Bass is thick and powerful, Mids are slightly recessed, Treble rolls off early so not sharp, Sound stage is small, Signature is on the dark side but great for rock and electronic music.

    I prefer FAAEAL Rosemary 150 ohm as it has good punch with the music I like (I am using it with a good desktop amp though)
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  9. iron2k
  10. RevPizzaguy
  11. mbwilson111
    Yes but it looks like only the blue option is the 1.0+. The others are the 1.0

    I had to use aliexpress because amazon uk did not have it. Mine is silver. Will get a photo tomorrow.

    My husband is listening to it right now.
  12. RevPizzaguy
    I bought the last silver 1.0+ that the seller on Amazon had available for Prime shipping.
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  13. subwoof3r
    Nice to see back my Blox TM9 :wink:
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  14. subwoof3r
    I received my RY4S today!

    After burning them for 3 hours, they sound already very good to me. They have larger soundstage than GM500, they are bright but have less clarity and precision than GM500 in treble, but still very detailed overall.
    Clearly, this is a V shape sounding, but definitely a good one.

    They lack a bit of mids even if they are not lacking, it's just that they are a bit hidden due to bass and treble, but this is how V signature should be anyway.
    I really enjoy the return of the subbass that were missing me a bit from EMX500S. Bass is really punchy but more controlled than MK2 I would say. Much enjoyment there!
    MK2 has more mids presence and are softer. MK2 is more smooth in mids and highs, I prefer the energy of RY4S. Overall, I feel like I already prefer RY4S than MK2.
    As usual, let's see how they wil performs in several days of proper burning :)
    Last edited: Nov 7, 2018
  15. RevPizzaguy
    So, I wanted to ask your opinion. So far, compared to the vast collection of buds you have, how would you rate the SL 1.0+? I had my eye on a few from your collection, but curious if they would really be a step up from the SL 1.0+, or just more of the same (or worse).

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