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Earbuds Round-Up

  1. Tdeprat
    Yeah, I completely agree with you. I just couldn't control myself because I was so excited that I could listen to music and still listen to my surroundings. For years I didn't understand why it seemed that everyone only wanted isolation at all times, so finding good quality earbuds was like a life changing event. Anyway, I seem to have myself together now. I really do want to take some time with each one to actually appreciate them and get to know them.

    Edit: I just want to be clear that I still like isolation, but not all the time.
    Last edited: Mar 8, 2018
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  2. Saoshyant
    Of the ones you've bought, my favorite is the CampFred 2. I'd suggest saving it for last and working your way up the chain just in case you're someone that has a difficult time listening to a less proficient earbud once you've gotten used to something nice. If you aren't, then just go nuts and enjoy yourself.
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  3. vladstef
    Earbud world is currently so amazing. There are a bunch of IEMs that I dislike and only some that I like, but it's soooo hard to dislike even the cheapest of modern earbuds. There are some crazy good buds <20$ that imho put all other form factors to shame in terms of value. Even when you technically get a better sound with something many times the price of value buds, there is still something special about buds that keeps me reaching for them all of the time.

    Some small part of me doesn't want to experience more expensive earbuds because I believe that some of the enjoyment of listening to buds comes from the fact that big sound is coming out of a small and cheap thing that defies the laws of physics. Obviously, resistance is futile in this hobby and some of the ~100$ buds are becoming more and more irresistible by the day.
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  4. Tdeprat
    Will do! The CampFred 2's were the last ones I got too.
  5. chinmie
    that cable color scheme looks like Mogami microphone cable. how's your take on the Zoomfred's sound?
  6. seanc6441
    Ok a few things cone to mind, you probably have figured this out but thicker foams reduce treble/clarity and thinner foams allow more through. Bass is usually strongest with the better seal

    not always thicker or thinner just depends on the fit is in ear mostly although usually thicker foam=better seal=more bass

    So by that logic if you apply super thin foams to the buds that need more treble/clarity they will sound better. The treble heavy buds may perform best with thick foams.

    As for full vs donuts, For me the reason to pick one or the other is down to how smooth/full you want the lower mids. If you find an earbud overly thick and mid bass is bloated, try donuts. If you find an earbud a little weak in the mids, too thin or too grainy, add full foams.

    A step further would be to buy some foam tape (I’m using badminton grip which is ideal for this use) and you can add a slight lip to the shell so it fits more snug in your ear and boosts the sound quality in that way.

    Buds like the BS1, Tomahawk and Masya may perform best overear, it makes the sound airy but less piercing in the treble imo.

    The shozy cygnus I use with the absolute thinnest foams in donut form, it needs all the help it can get with clarity but you’ll be happy you have it for its comfort, for relaxing listening (good sleeping buds) and for stuff like audiobooks etc because the have nicely forward vocals with a relaxing smooth full sound.

    Obviously I’m not advocating you spend much more after that haul but you may want to pick up these $1 thin foams and $1 donut foams for all those buds (stock full foams are always plentiful)



    You’re pretty much set for a long time with that collection tbh! Enjoy them all :)
    Last edited: Mar 8, 2018
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  7. AmericanEDC
    Is this 3 button version of the Monk Plus an inline microphone for iOS? I realize that a lot of purists don't like inline mics. But my kids go through headphones like you cannot imagine. Not sure if this link will work but 2 of these "color" options are with inline mics. Also I'm enjoying my Monk Plus since I got them this afternoon and wouldn't mind being able to answer a call. It has already happened that a call came in while listening with phone in pocket. Thanks all.

    Inline mic option?
    It's the 5th color option at $13.01
    Last edited: Mar 8, 2018
  8. mbwilson111
    If you just go to veclan.com it is the same seller but you can check out with Paypal. That is how I got my Monk Lites. Then you get points as well that are sometimes required for special products. I got my Monk Plus like you did ... from Amazon. Mine has no mic but that is what I would have chosen anyway. Why would anyone let a call interrupt their music? :)

    I should add...if you use the veclan site you will see the mic options like this:

    Mic Options
    no mic
    universal mic-1buttons
    iOS mic-3buttons
    Android mic-3buttons
    Last edited: Mar 8, 2018
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  9. seanc6441
    Auglamour RX1S has a 3 button inline mic that works on IOS, just a heads up.

    It’s also extremely well built so will not break easily so the kids won’t be able to smash the metal shell too easily when they use it as a weapon :D

    Saying that, the monk plus is also well built for the price albeit with a plastic body.

    Both have rubberised cables, the RX1S cable is a little thicker so probably will last longer. Also the 3.5mm jack is stronger on the rx1s.
    Last edited: Mar 8, 2018
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  10. jogawag
    I also bought $ 66 cheap Penon BS1 on a used site.
    I tried various ear pads, but I found that the following transparent silicone pads fit as BS1's ear pads to make the diameter big.

    It makes the sound airy but less piercing in the treble imo.
    This transparent silicone pads also fit Rose Masya, Mojito, Moondrop Liebsleid, MX985 etc, so I recommend you to purchase this pads more than you need now.

    This also fits Ting.
    Last edited: Mar 8, 2018
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  11. mochill
    Keep cygnus and campfred2
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  12. Tdeprat
    Thanks! Done, done and done.

    I am really looking forward to getting the silicone pads. I had no idea this even existed until just now.

    Thank you both. Seriously. :ksc75smile:
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  13. liquidrats
    @seanc6441 I took your recommendation and cut off the foams to allow the back port to "breath" on the BS1 Official. All owners should do it. Became bit more brighter... and mid treble is more forward.
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  14. iJay
    Which cable is best with the PT15? There are several choices so just wondered what everyone was using. Also, is anyone running them balanced? I may start heading that way shortly, just for something to do!
  15. phower
    I have 3 different cables for the Senfer PT15. I don't find any difference in sound quality.
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