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Earbuds Round-Up

  1. seanc6441
    Give that zoomefred a shot first! Cypherus is a legendary earbud maker around here so it may be very good!

    If you want the difference between poseidon and liebesleid roughly

    “Technically both Liebesleid and Poseidon are at the current ToTL level, but sonically they are tuned very differently. Liebesleid is detailed, open and almost neutral with a particularly good female vocal. Poseidon is warm, musical,smooth and enveloping with an excellent lowend.” -ClieOS

    Red Dragon is apparently the best of the best to experience a ‘full size headphone’ in an earbud. It also cost at least double the price of the others mentioned here...
  2. chinmie
    The Liebesleid and Poseidon is like polar opposite to each other. Liebesleid focuses on treble clarity and have light bass, while the Poseidon focuses on bass and have slight rolled off treble.

    Soundstage is king on both, no other eadbuds came close in my opinion (with the exception of Rose Mojito. They are about the same level) with the Liebesleid having an airy openback headphone-like stage, and Poseidon having an engulfing closedback headphone style.

    Never tried the red dragon, but from what i know the cable is really thick that it can be hard to use without staying still
  3. DBaldock9
    I've got the NiceHCK DIY Graphene (2017) [$29.53], which is in a MX760 shell, and the Senfer PT15 (2017) [$7.90].
    I like the sound of both earbuds, but it seems like the NiceHCK Graphene goes a bit lower in the Bass.
    Their Midrange & Treble are clear and detailed - things like the applause & acoustic guitars on live albums, sounds more real than some of my more expensive earbuds.
    The PT15, at under $8 (without cable), is certainly an amazing deal for a Graphene driver.
  4. chinmie
    The MX760 graphene has a distinct smooth sound. I like it, but sometimes for me it's a bit too smooth, especially considering it has a rather long decay on the lows. Also the thing i don't like about it is a bit big in my ears, and listening to binaural music (like amber rubarth's sessions from the 17th ward) , there seems to be a blind spot on the soundstage on the center.

    I don't know if they fixed that on the later version though
  5. liquidrats
    BS1 Official just burned through.. very very nice on black panther's soundtrack..
    Added on a ear guide which helps to keep it in place to get consistent sound...
    Last edited: Mar 7, 2018
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  6. seanc6441
    Try over ear if possible. I’ve even added a thin ring of foam tape to get the best fit for SQ.

    The soundstage completely opens up, its now the biggest of any earbud I own including the Rose Masya which previously had it beat of spaciousness.

    Also the vocals take a nice bump forward, I think this is got to do with the sound being more airy and the angle of the driver being altered slightly. Vocals have become much more defined which is a very welcome change.

    You can see by the size of the diameter that the foam is underneath the donut pad

    and also (and this I found equally as important to get the most airy and effortless soundstage expansion) I completely unobstructed the back ports/vents on the shell as seem here

    you can kind of see it on the bottom... sorry i was hard to get a good picture of it!
    Last edited: Mar 7, 2018
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  7. DancingShaman
    Oh my look at that list!! It must be so fun to rotate. :ksc75smile:

    What would be your favorite iem out of that list?

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  8. haiku
    Proud new owner of the one of a kind "Nec Rahu gold silver naga" earbuds by Muchjurat Luzifer. Sound stellar right out of the box and look like jewelry. Thanks so much Muchjurat! I´m a big fan now![​IMG][​IMG][​IMG] IMG_0417.JPG
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  9. seanc6441
    Why is there a little dude in place of the 3.5mm jack? :D
  10. Narayan23
    This was the last person seen checking out mbwilson´s and Hungry Panda´s combined list of audio property, it was two weeks ago and apparently he´s still at it :astonished:

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  11. mbwilson111

    Just because all of this gear resides in the same house does not mean I have heard all of his or he mine:) I don't even want to listen to all of his! My poor ears!

    To be honest, I am overwhelmed having so many choices. I have quite a few things, especially the iems that have had very little head time. Not quite sure how it happened....

    The worst part is that right now I have an earache caused by a toothache and have to wait three weeks before it will be fixed...and what will I feel like then?
    Last edited: Mar 7, 2018
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  12. mbwilson111
    Whatever is in my ears at the time? ....as long as I am enjoying the music. That is all that counts. I have loved music all my life.
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  13. groucho69
    Well have you heard all of your own?
  14. j4100
    Hope you have a speedy recovery. Nightmare!
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  15. waynes world
    I got the Radsone Earstudio ES100 bluetooth receiver yesterday. It's insane. Listening to 600ohm Sextetts and 300ohm Zen 1's out of it (in BT atpx), and they both sounds great. What a great gizmo. Go ahead cell phone companies - rip the headphone jacks out of your phones - I just don't care anymore :) And DAPS? What's a DAP? :wink:
    Last edited: Mar 7, 2018

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