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Concise Multi-IEM Comparison (FINAL UPDATE March. 1st, 2013)

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  1. kanuka
    (nevermind for now)
  2. PhoenixClaw
    How does the Monster Turbine (not Copper or Gold) compare with the VSONIC GR07? 
  3. ClieOS Contributor

    I don't own the original Turbine nor listen to it before. But by the power of deduction (as I know GR07 is better sounding than MTPC, which is a model higher than the original Turbine), I'll say GR07 should be better sounding technically than Turbine. Before you run out and buy a GR07 however, I do want to warn you that they are not the same sound signature wise and you should really take into account what kind of sound you are looking for.
  4. PhoenixClaw
    Oh. I am looking for upgrade from my Westone UM-1s, and based on going around and trying out various earphones I prefer a very accurate sound signature. In a way I am a detail freak. I enjoyed the ER-4P but not the IE8 though I do not like the shape of the ER-4P and was looking for an IEM that was similar in shape to my UM-1. 
  5. ClieOS Contributor


    If you are looking at something on the price range of GR07 (< US$200) with an analytical sound, you can look into Phonak PFE. It is not identical shaped as UM1, but it is still over-the-ears with a comfortable fit. If you really prefer a Westone shape, Westone 2 might fit you though I have not heard it myself.
  6. ClieOS Contributor
    Brainwavz B2 added.

    Analytical 3.    Brainwavz B2 (link)
    Like DBA-02, B2’s overall sound signature is fairly balanced sounding with a brighter, more analytical presentation. Treble is very well extended to the top, detailed and full of sparkle, but might be a little too aggressive for non-analytical listener.  Mid has good texture, neither too forward nor recessed, but the upper mid is a little more forward which can sound slightly harsh on brighter music, especially on loud volume. Bass has good impact, body and speed. Neither quantitatively big nor bone rattling deep, but above average. A good seal for the bass to reveal itself and It responds well to EQ if more bass is needed. Soundstage is quite good, very airy. While it lacks the best layer, separation is among some of the best.
    Pro: Price.
    Con: None.
  7. kanuka
    finally the B2!
  8. goodvibes
    B2s were a bit too top tilted for me and I tend to be somewhat of an analytical listener. I prefer grey to black filtered Phonaks for instance. Still a VG phone if that's your sig.
  9. ClieOS Contributor


    I don't disagree. For purely as an analytical IEM, I also prefer PFE myself as the top end is more refined. But I do feel B2 is a little ahead technically as a whole (not much though), and depends on what you are looking for, I think both can be really good choice.
  10. kanuka
    i see that you'r on the tandem review. can you share some impression? being a dual-dynamic, is it like those radius and friends, a bassy signature or something else?
  11. ClieOS Contributor


    Well, for starter, I can't really tell whether tandem as dual driver or single driver by listening to it. It sounds like single driver to me as it lacks the obvious resolution / separation that tend to be found on dual driver. It is mostly warm and smooth, very decent bass but not a basshead IEM. I'll call it good vocal IEM for now.
  12. kanuka


    i know it's a dual , but it's sad to hear it doesnt sound like a one.
    still, a vocal iem is defintely for over me !!  any similiarity with another vocal iem?
  13. ClieOS Contributor

    I don't really mean it as all negative in my previous post actually. From to time it sounds really good on certain music and surprises me. I still need more listening to make up my mind but so far, I can't say there is another vocal / mid centric IEM that sounds quite like the Tandem.
  14. simonecosta75

    hello, am an Italian boy and I just started to get interested in quality 'portable audio
    I apologize for my English, but I hope I can understand.
    I bought a Sansa Fuze V2 and I'm trying some types of in-ear headphones, I took the Sound Magic PL50 Senneiheser and IE7.
    I know they are very different as a signature sound, but I did not know what I was looking.
    After several hours of burn-in testing and I decided that IE7 is not for me. Sound too closed although detailed.
    Now I only PL50, are quite content with these in-ear but I was wondering if it was possible to have something better

    I would like some in-ear headphones with a warm sound, like the PL50 low or little more, but with maggiorri details. but above all open sound, soulful vocals in front of everything.
    why do I get a little confused in high PL50

    I thought the sunrise Xcape ie edition

    thx a lot
  15. ClieOS Contributor


    A direct upgrade of PL50 would be MEElec A151, but Xcapre IE is also a fine choice if you are looking for a warm sound in general.
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