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Concise Multi-IEM Comparison (FINAL UPDATE March. 1st, 2013)

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  1. kanuka
    any alternative to the SM E30 at similiar (prefered lower) price range but with more availability and different fit/design?
  2. ClieOS Contributor


    You can look into Dunu Trident. Almost as good as E30 (just a hair below) and you can find it on MP4Nation for $35.
  3. kanuka
    oh thanks a lot!
    are you going to post a review on those soon?
  4. ClieOS Contributor

    Yes, next week. Need to finish my sub$100 dual driver review first, probably in the next few days.
  5. kanuka


    which one  is that?
  6. GalmArn
    Probably the Brookstone Clear Dual Drive.
  7. ClieOS Contributor
    You're halfway there. That and SonoCore Cindy.
  8. abhijollyguy
    As per ur recommendation, I have ordered Brainwavz M2 on 30th of August :)
  9. lina inverse
    i lost my password so had to re-join
    my quest now is:
    i find earbuds very comfortable so i want to try a half-ear design iem to get some isolation. but i dont find many products
    there're the brainwavz beta v2  and the ecci pg100 at similar prices. but i want to hear a few more options if possible.
    i'd like a mid or warm-sweet signature. not big bass. bright is ok
    thnx in advance
  10. ClieOS Contributor
    BrookStone Clear Dual Drive and SonoCore Cindy added.

    Balanced 7.    SonoCore COA-805 Cindy (link)
    Warm to slightly full, fun, balanced with a strong bass to almost the level of being bass driven. Bass reaches down very deep, well in the 10Hz range in a gentle roll off fashion and reaches fullness beyond 150Hz. It is hard hitting with a good body, yet maintains decent speed not to feel dragging or muddy - though it can be even better if it is just a tad faster. While it is fuller on the mid bass, the overall texture is still well defined and not sounding overly boomy. Mid is relatively full and sweet but with a half step behind the bass. It takes away the intimacy of the voice but in exchange, gives a sense of space between the singer to the listener in a very mild U-shaped response. Treble extends far to 16kHz region, but the upper treble is noticeable smooth with minimum sparkle. The lower treble is however better, with enough highlight not to totally dull the female vocal. While the upper treble is smooth and tends to get masked by the bass, the overall micro detail is still decent and revealing. For those who prefer a bit more sparkle, treble EQ beyond 8kHz usually brings really good result without any ill effect. Though resolution and imaging aren’t the best, the overall soundstage is still better than average. The mild U-shaped response gives a strong sense of horizontal space, but the lack of air keeps it from being great.
    Pro: Dual driver under $100.
    Con: Build quality. Must use with amp.

    Mid 8.    BrookStone Clear Dual Drive Earbuds (link)
    Warm, mid centric and laid back. Bass reaches down deep and lacks quantity to stand up on its own. It still has the very good texture over the notes, but tends not to come in full force or linger long enough to feel like a bass monster like the DDM series. Mid is what stands out the most in the whole presentation - it is not very forward, but enough to show character in the voice yet retain distance from the listener. Treble is decently extended but smooth overall. Like DDM2, it is at quantitatively enough to show micro detail and not appear quite dark or lacking with string or brass instruments, but sparkly it is not. Soundstage is above decent. Unlike the DDM2 which has an immersive soundstage, BsCDD has a more open stage though the mid centric presentation lacks good imaging or separation. In short, while retaining some of the good character from the Radius DDM series, BsCDD lacks a good punch of its own to go beyond standard set by either of the DDM.
    Pro: DDM system for cheap.
    Con: Build Quality. Availability.
    esanthosh likes this.
  11. abhijollyguy
    I have received the M2's and First impressions is just WOW(upgrading from the SM MP21) Very tight punchy bass and gud thing is it doesn't intrude into the mids. Smooth treble but It lacks in soundstage. My next upgrade would be the IEM having deeper and wider soundstage with gud bass extension and smoother treble.
    Thanks again [​IMG]
  12. dyl1dyl
    I like your reviews, short and sweet
  13. kanuka
    say clieos
    i'm curious
    now that the sub $100 market is even more crowded, is the RE0 still your favorite in that range? how about the Xcape v1? you seemed happy with that one (too bad i couldnt get one [​IMG] )
    or is there something else?
  14. ClieOS Contributor

    I don't have a favorite per se, but RE0 is one of my reference IEM because it is revealing and just a tad hard to drive (show how good the source is). I generally prefer a detail sound, but I also love to listen to all kind of different sound signature so there isn't any ultimate preference or favorite for me.
  15. ClieOS Contributor
    DUNU Trident and Hephaes added

    Warm + Sweet 21.    DUNU Hephaes (link)
    Warm and sweet as well, more forward and energetic than Trident but not overly so. Bass, like Trident, reaches down to the sub-bass level as well, but in smaller quantity and showing a much better balance and control. Mid is warm, more forward than Trident but not particularly full or sweet. It exchanges the fluidity of Trident and for better detail retrieval and texture, though also creates an annoying peak around 6kHz that makes the vocal sounds just a little grainy and edgy. The treble, like Trident, is smooth, well extended and in hiding. It can really use more sparkle and forwardness for micro detail. Soundstage is a little better than Trident, but overall still remains mostly average. Though it has better width, it just lacks air to breathe the sense of space into the music. All in all, Hephaes is technically a step up from Ares and Crius, and most certainly from Trident – but with a price. It is noticeably more edgy and restless, forgoing the easy going nature of the rest of the DUNU line-up and feels more like overreaching at times. But with a little damping in the 6kHz region in the EQ and treble boost for above 12kHz, Hephaes will shine.
    Pro: Build quality, Accessories, Sleek.
    Con: Price.
    Warm + Sweet 24.    DUNU Trident (link)
    Warm, sweet, laidback, smooth, easy going and musical. It is the kind of sound that draws the listener to the music instead to the IEM itself. Bass is hard hitting with a big body. It reaches down to sub-bass level easier but can get just a little overwhelming when it comes to bass heavy music as it lacks a very fine control and top speed. But overall the quality is still very good and should put smile for those who like a good dose of bass in the mix. Mid is warm and a little lush, but not particularly forward. It reserves some space between the singer and the listener, but pulls just a too far little away and loses some of the intimacy and texture in the vocal. While it is not as good as rendering vocal as Ares or Crius, the overall presentation is more relaxing and suitable for casual listening. Treble is well extended but smooth. Sparkle is small and micro detail, while not absent totally, is a step behind everything else. Soundstage is only about average. The laidback nature of the whole presentation gives a feeling of warm and intimacy without sounding too boxed in, making it a great choice for fatigue free, non crucial listening where music is to be enjoyed, not analyzed.
    Pro: Price. Build quality. Sleek.
    Con: None.
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