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Concise Multi-IEM Comparison (FINAL UPDATE March. 1st, 2013)

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  1. randomosity
    Any idea on how the se535 compares to the rest? I heard its has vast improvements from its predecessor...
  2. ClieOS Contributor
    SE535 is better than SE530. I won't describe it as 'vastly', but it is noticeable for sure. I'll probably rate it a 4.75 or 4.8 on SQ if I have a pair for review.
  3. simonecosta75
    thanks for the advice
    I do not know those in-ear headphones, and I do not know where to find online, unfortunately, are not sold in Italy.
    say that if I have available up to 100 euros, which I recommend in-ear headphones have an x detailed sound that emphasizes the voice, with a warm sound and low not intrusive? I especially not  love a hollow sound, as is found on sennheiser ie7. I did not like at all ..
    I really like the clean sound, crystal sound
    while I found a little cold and confused PL50 trebble on, but not always ..
    of course be used Sansa Fuze V2 rockboxed
    thank you very much

  4. simonecosta75

    a friend advised me to re-zero or the EU 700?
    I do not know anything about these products
  5. ClieOS Contributor


    Most IEM listed in this thread are probably not sold in Italy. If you are only going to buy IEM in Italy, you might need to stick to big brands. MEElec can be bought from Meelec.com while Xcape-IE can be found on lendmeurears.com.
    You lost me on most of your description. I am not really sure what you are looking for.

    I haven't listened to UE700 before, but review of RE-ZERO is on the 1st page.
  6. simonecosta75
    thanks again, sorry for my English is poor

    I seek a warm-sounding in-ear headphones, with the voice center stage, a sound clear and clean , not dark

    I can spend around 100 euros

    I buy in Europe or the world, not 'a problem. if you tell me where to buy and what I have no problems also from china:)

    thank you very much
  7. kanuka
    for 100 euros you can get the GR07 at shop.frogbeats.com  with a 15% off coupon
    ILOVEGR07 ​

  8. ClieOS Contributor


    Sound like a good plan! [​IMG]
  9. simonecosta75


    and 's or better sunrise Xcape o gr07 ?

  10. ClieOS Contributor


    GR07 is better, but do check out the review on the 1st page to see if it will fit your requirement or not.
  11. simonecosta75


    I read the review of various in-ear.
    I think the gr07 is what I try, but I ask you further advice
    I like the PL50 soundmagic I own, I like it because the voice has very present and warm enough
    but I would like to take a step forward, something that sounds more clean and clear, with better sound quality.
    i prefer the Xcape for the cost, but I also like very much gr07
    How about a modest fuza x V2 or take the Xcape gr07?
    that is the difference between the two? which one has a sound more clean and open?
    thank you very much
  12. ClieOS Contributor


    You lost me again.
    Anyway, I'll say Xcape-IE is a more direct upgrade of PL50 on sound signature, but GR07 sounds better overall than Xcape-IE with a more opened sound.
  13. simonecosta75
    I have not lost, I can not explain it well because of my English
    but I think I have understood, Sunrise Xcape ie is an upgrade of the PL50, the same type of sonic signature, but improved, the Gr07 and an upgrade of both even better with a sound even more clean and open.
    I have not decided what to take, but I really like the Gr07 expensive.
    another good choise is a151 , i read more rewiev and i think is nice
    now I read other reviews online yet, then I will decide between the 3

    -Sunrise Xcape

    thx for all
  14. ClieOS Contributor

  15. simonecosta75


    is correct if I say that the A151 is better than Xcape, but is less than the Gr07?
    maybe the A151 is the right compromise was looking for, what do you think?
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