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Pictures of Your *Budget-Fi* Portable Rig (< $200)

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by trolldragon, Feb 13, 2013.
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  1. ShohailXTR

    Thanks :) And I agree with you, I fell in love with the Sony Walkman with my old NW-A805 (prolly outclassed by now :p) that I got in 2007, and just like that, I was completely hooked. It's been 3 years since it died and you can only imagine how I'm feeling to get the old Clear Bass ring to my ears :D

    edit : more photos!
  2. jaejw1
    just adding to my collection of photos...  this is my case i use for my molded earphones.. airtight seal  and cost me only 5bux... the foam was from a mail order package, i just cut to size and inserted it..
  3. DrKrFfXx
    That combo looks nice, they all combine color and finish wise.
  4. Kalakaka
    I'm new to the forum and I am loving all the setup pictures.  I'm currently rocking an 80gig ipod classic (6th gen), fiio e7, and ATH-M30 headphones.
  5. ShohailXTR

    Hello! How are you liking the ATH-M30? And are they getting benefit from the FiiO E7? I had a choice between M20/M30/M35 (M50 was outta stock and exceeded budget) but I saved up more for the SRH440. Do you plans for future headphone upgrade?

    Thanks, Ironically even the bundled IEMs (MDR-EX083) match color and they're matte black like the SRH440s @_@ (photo in previous page)
  6. Kalakaka
    My M30s definitely sound better with the E7 than without.  I'm sure I will upgrade headphones in the future.  For right now I am happy with my M30s but this site makes you want to upgrade.  I'm not sure what headphones I would upgrade to from the M30s. 
  7. LeDave
    Can my iPad count as portable too? =T I carry it everywhere I go.

  8. Frankie007
    What chess app is that? Do you play online at all I use the chess.com app.
  9. LeDave

    Oh no! I do not play online at all! I am a big newbie at Chess, just started. That was actually my first Check Mate out of 20 tries against a Novice skilled computer. The app is just called Chess, it's the number 1 paid Chess app in iTunes. It is not online and it's 99 cents to buy. But the computers are extremely hard to beat and they have like a dozen computer skills to choose to play against. I have a chess.com account too, it's ddldave. I haven't played on it for awhile, not that you mentioned it, I will play on it due to the fact that I actually forgot about it =P
  10. tds101
    I think I'll post a pic or 2 in a bit. I'm great at semi-budget-fi. :p
  11. jaejw1
  12. DrKrFfXx

    Custom CX300. Customizing them probably cost x times the price of the earphones themselves XD
  13. The Dan of Steel
    i was in Sam's Club the other day and they had customs like that for earbuds for $100. My Yuin PK3 fit but I couldn't see spending that much for my $30 buds. I asked if they'd do the same for TF10s but they said no. Though she did tell me that she used to work for Fisher (inearz).
  14. ShohailXTR
  15. jaejw1
    just another set of photos...  a perfect fit for everything i need,,,  
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