Earbuds Round-Up

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  1. ld100
    Let us know if you find something. For under a $100 I would pull a trigger right away :)
  2. golov17
    Well, but not for all it is given .. talent individual.. Respect, ClieOS work for you..
  3. vapman

    I owned the mojito for about 2 week before selling it. I wish I kept it. No other earbud i have ever heard can match it on detailing. I don't know how the mojito is so accurate.
  4. AudioNewbi3
    Wow! may I kindly you why you sold it then? I am sorry if it was mentioned before. 

  5. AudioNewbi3
     Maybe @BloodyPenguin 's blur earbuds may just provide the solution?
  6. vapman

    No problem. I ended up selling it cause I thought the Zen was more fun overall and at the time I preferred zen for just about everything. I wish I had the mojito back now! Really only sold it to fund whatever I bought after them, so that's probably the seahf's..
  7. canali
    hi everyone...just joined this group...
    what of gym worthy earbuds that can take sweat/water?
  8. ld100
    Please elaborate. Not sure what they are...
  9. BloodyPenguin Contributor
    I currently have 3 models of the "NoSounD" DIY Brand.  Out of the three, the original Blur version is just fantastically clear and accurate.  I've been meaning to get a full review of it done, but I have been swamped with family life lately and have not had a chance.
    I actually have a few earbuds I REALLY need to find time to review;  The VE Asura, MusicMaker Ting Light and of course the aforementioned NoSounD Blur.  All of which are great earbuds, but different. 
    Due to my overwhelming home life, I have been unable to compete any review in over three weeks and I am not sure when in the future I am going to have time to start up again.  I hope sooner than later.
    Those looking to get their hands on the NoSounD Blur, I would highly suggest reaching out to Wong Kuan Wae on Facebook.  I paid, basically full price for my units as he does not give out samples for review.  The Blur is WELL worth the asking price, which I have been asked not to post.  To get more info, it is best to reach out to him directly here:  https://www.facebook.com/wkuanwae 
    NoSounD has a few other models, while they are decent, IMO, they are no were near as good as the original Blur.
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  10. golov17
    Wong Kuan Wae
  11. AudioNewbi3

    Thanks for the reply mate! Its okay, take your time. Hope everything is well with your family.

    Last question, are the blurs better than Original Tings?

    Thank you
  12. BloodyPenguin Contributor
    I'll try and spend some time with the Blurs and Tings (original) later tonight.  I will report back then.
  13. ld100
    So what should I buy today for under a hundred dollars?
  14. AudioNewbi3
    Thank-you mate! You're a champ!
  15. ld100

    Does he have anything online that show what he sells?
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