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Earbuds Round-Up

  1. j4100
    I don't have Zen 2.0, so I don't know what difference there is. Certainly with ZOE, you can change cables which may, or may not, affect sound.
  2. jogawag
    I'm sorry. I mistook.
    SR2 15ohms tpe -> SR2 16ohms tpe
  3. Marcos Fontana
    I have the Oyaide102ssc but to say the truth, I didn't notice any difference until now.
  4. Marcos Fontana
    Ty! Now my list is correct because of you :) But, 16 or 150?
  5. jogawag
    "16" is correct.
  6. Marcos Fontana
  7. chaiyuta
    Bell-Ti Taobao page If you use Chrome Browser on PC, You might use Google translate the page and read customer feedback on second tab.
  8. rahmish
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  9. Marcos Fontana
    You are correct. Willsound have really impressive reviews. Added to my list :)
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  10. fairx

    Which ty 150 you bought?

    My 320 been acting wierd after some recable. Already on my 3rd recable. And the tuning foam are a mess now. While I still have a backup driver from penon I think I might rest my 320 for a while. Don't want mishap to happen again.
  11. Marcos Fontana
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  12. Marcos Fontana
    Updated list:

    Snow lotus 1.0/2.0
    RY4S UE - amazing price/audio quality ratio! need a good gift? this is the best!
    EMX500S - amazing price/audio quality ratio! need a good gift? you can't go wrong with!
    VE ZOE - super neutral, pocket HD600?
    VE Zen LL - amazing, a lot of fun. I like it more than the ZOE
    TY HI-z 150ohms/650ohms irreplaceble, must have
    Toneking TO400s good but, restricted to some genres, shy bass
    NiceHCK EBX good but, restricted to some genres, shy bass
    Svara L 32ohms
    SR2 150ohms tpe
    Ourart Ti7/ACG
    Shozy BK
    HE 150 Pro
    Yinman 600
    Black Ling
    Blox +++(Yin)+++/TM9 +++Golov+++
    Super Kryptonite better than SWD2+
    Bell Ti 120ohms
    Willsound MK2
    Rose Mojito - amazing for classical music
    Rose Masya

    Bell Ti -> https://item.taobao.com/item.htm?sp...-vgj5lj4iQO0NAOQQK8wYlta3EHDMlQQzpRKbcNDLSek\

    Folks, I believe that this list contains the best available earbuds, based on shared opinions and reviews.
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  13. jogawag
  14. j4100
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  15. HungryPanda
    I'm kind of sad, no K's earbuds mentioned
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