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Earbuds Round-Up

  1. silverfishla
    Datura X is one of my favorites and is not aggressive in the mids. It is well balanced all around with good energy still.
    You can listen to Pop vocals or Rock and it satisfies. Also keeps it’s quality at low volumes and you don’t have to shove them in your ears for them to sound good. This one should be in everyone’s staple of buds.
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  2. HungryPanda
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  3. BadReligionPunk
    For some reason I keep hearing Billy Idols White Wedding while looking at this. :)
    Very Sexy!
  4. snip3r77
    Anyone knows which emx500s is the best?
  5. seanc6441
    3 of those are mx500 unfortunately for him.

    For me the sr2 is not a true V shape, the mids can be made to sound slightly recessed and the highs pronounced. But the bass doesn't hit deep like other earbuds I'd consider V shape so it's more a ~ shape to my ears.
    My theory is they are all the same driver with slight tuning variantions in the shell and cable.
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  6. chompy
    Thanks again, unfortunately as seanc6441 said mx500 shells are not made for my ears.

    Thanks, as they are quite cheap, I think I'll purchase one pair.

    This new K's seems quite interesting, is there any scheduled date for it? And I could spend 100$ if the earbuds deserve it and the improvement over my current earbuds justifies its cost.

    I forgot to say that altough I listed pop music from time to time (mostly from the 80s and the 90s), 90% of my listening is uplifting trance and similar electronic styles (from hardcore to dance, but not house), no rock, acoustic, nor classical.
  7. jogawag
    If you can pay 60$ on V Shaped sig's earbuds with a small shell, I recommend moondrop vx pro.
    This sounds naturally stretched bass and beautiful treble.
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  8. snip3r77
    Old graphene vs any emx500(s) variants ?? Any feedback?

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  9. RuFrost
    try TY HI-Z AWK-F150TS. The best v-shaped earbuds I have ever heard. Truly miraculous sound with donuts. Huge soundstage, hard-hitting and impactful bass, crystal clear vocals, neutral sounding (not warm, not cold), but colouring sound a little bit whats perfectly works with over-all sound-signature. The cable is long and soft - one of the best to the day I have ever seen, especially for such cheap price...

    Somehow, I see them on sale here, on headfi.Cannot recommend it more. I'm not the fan of V-shaped signature, so I sold it few months ago, though with serious regrets. New owner is very and very happy with it.

    2) Guys! Any description or opinion on Linsoul BLD 150ohm ? How does it sound? what earbuds sounds similar to it? Does anybody know the price during the sale on ali?

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  10. j4100
  11. rkw
    Blox Yin with balanced cable has arrived.


  12. mochill
    Mine was $8
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  13. golov17
    My 6 usd ))
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  14. snip3r77
    Found this comparison at a local forums by MoyoCase bro. Enjoy.

    just got the RY4S with dark metal braided cable

    initial impression is positive. i will do a comparison with EMX500. both using thin monk VE foams

    Th following sound charactistics are present and noticeable in both > what it means is that its present and not absent

    the following is comparison of 2 earbuds. As a standalone each of them are good , very good for their price level .

    > means Better , < lesser and = Same

    Treble : RY4S < EMX 500
    Sparkle : RY4S < EMX 500
    Mid : RY4S < EMX500
    Mid Bass : RY4S > Emx500
    Sub Bass : RY4S = EMX500
    Clarity : RY4S > EMX500
    Layering : RY4S = EMX 500
    Transparency: RY4S < EMX500
    Vocals : RY4S < EMX500
    Articulation: RY4S < EMX500
    Musicality: RY4S < EMX500
    Attack and Impact : RY4S < EMX500
    Detail Reprodution : RY4S > EMX 500
    Reverb / Decay : RY4S < EMX500


    Accuracy / Positioning: RY4S > EMX500
    Depth: RY4S < EMX500
    Width : RY4S < EMX500
    Height: RY4S > EMX500
    Reverb, Accoustics: RY4S < EMX500
    Ambience : RY4S = EMX500
    Resolution: RY4S > EMX500
    Positioning: RY4S > EMX500
    Airiness : RY4S = EMX500
    3D Air Space : RY4S ( More Left right, Up down ) , EMX500 = ( More forward back , deeper)
    Sound movement : RY4S < EMX500

    The main way EMX500 is better is sparkle , and aural / background acoustics which makes it better with more musicality and articulation due its reverb, depth and high-low articulation space. Some deficiencies in the RY4S ( a little less detail in sub bass, depth ect) makes it a little less engaging in sound than the EMX500 on certain recordings of poor source or olden style music

    The EMX 500 seems to have a better depth soundstage at the expense of a little clarity in mids and bass but makes it up with Impact/attack and musicality due to its excellent sparkle airyness and sub bass extension combined with articulation. THe RY4S is almost similar but in a different way. Poor quality sources show up as poor and high quality source sound gets reproduced better. while the EMX500 does poor quality source reproduction better.

    The main way RY4S is better in sound presentation being clinical and little flat or neutral / lack of colouration in the soundstage which makes it better in sound reproduction and clarity and positioning from a good clean/pure source. Its less harsh and less fatiguing than EMX500 to listen to mainly due to less distortion and slightly rolled off treble and less sparkle. However, there is enough treble and sparkle on its own. Soundstage depth is less prominent if these aspects are improved, the RY4S can beat the EMX 500

    However, these sonic differences between the 2 are subtle except for the sparkle, soundstage , Impact and Attack. This may change as the RY4S gets burned in
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  15. ClieOS Contributor
    "Little Ling" has just been released on China. I should have it in about 2 weeks.
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